25 September 2007

Via Rattail Bastard

One of the newer blogs linked by Jay G, Rattail Bastard, just mentioned the correlation between youths "settling their differnces" the old fashioned way (ie: beating each-other bloody), and the politeness shown back then, to today's "civilized society", and the lack of civility. Which got me to thinkin'...

This is NEVER a good thing.

But there WAS a spark in me lil' 'ead, and it illuminated a problem I've noticed in society today: people aren't responsible for their actions.

I'll wait for y'all to recover from the shock that caused.

Now, I'm not exactly talking about the nanny state. Rather, I'm talking about basic civility.

There was a time in this country (and not all THAT long ago), where you'ld shoot someone for being disrespectful of your lady. Now, you're supposed to just stand there while the same stranger gropes her to his heart's content. A time (agina, not that long ago) where, upon mouthing off to an adult, a kid would get the snot smacked out of them... and more of the same, when and if their parents found out. Now, there'd be lawsuits flying...

The point here? I've noticed, the more "civilized" a society, the less civil. Let's be honest: calling hat we have today "civilized" is alot like naming the town slut "Chastity", and the town drunk "Temperance"...

And no... I really don't have a solution. But, like I said... I got to thinkin', and that's NEVER a good thing!


Policeman of the Monht said...

Now, you're supposed to just stand there while the same stranger gropes her to his heart's content.

I know you're waxing metaphorical but ... I don't think is a firm rule, yet.

On several occasions my wife has handled situations like this and only told me afterwards - as in long after we've left the place and I can't go back and find the mug.

My fault - I've told her that I've only gotten in two fights in my life but both times I sort of lost it and don't remember clearly what happened until the other guys pulled us apart.

It's not that I'm a scrapper and I'm certainly not physically intimidating. Perhaps she's just worried some other mug will beat the crap out o' me.

Side note - for those concerned that access to firearms will cause ordinary fistfights to escalate .. both times the other guy and I were armed. Once with pistols and the other time with shotguns. I can't speak for the other guy but i never occurred to me that I could use my duty weapon on the guy.

Might be training - I've heard of a few fights like that between Marines and I've never heard of it escalating to homicide by firearm.

doubletrouble said...

Hey- thanks for noticin' Mr. Pirate!
I guess the more civil we get, the less civil we get...

wait... I dunno.