30 January 2007

Note to self (and ever'body else)

Ever have one of those "DOH!" moments? Where you realize, just before disaster strikes, that you should probably do things a touch differently?

Well... got a kitten for a friend from my roomie's parents: cute lil' guy, likes to cuddle. Since we didn't think having him run around with the rest of the menagerie was a good idea, we locked him in the upstairs bathroom for the night.

Want to find all the most inaccessable spots in a room? Hire a kitten! Lil' bugger managed to crawl under the vanity, which is only accessable from behind...

So... being a typical man, I start trying to figure out how to disassemble the damn thing, without it becoming a plumber's job. Hey... this lil' board at the front should be removable! And I've got my handy knife!


Lesson learned: Spyderco knives are NOT meant to be used as pry-bars. And the kitten? STILL under there: if he ain't out by thursday, I go in with tuna...

26 January 2007

State news: why DO I bother?

So... roomie comes wandering in to our library here, to give me the earth-shaking news that our goobernor has decided to raise the tax on a pack of smokes and extra dollar something, AND to try and ban smoking (I assume in public) all through Wisconsin.

Is it just me, or does this seem like cross purposes to anyone else?

Raising the "sin tax" is irritating enough, but now trying to ban my slow suicide in public? Ye gods, give us a rest awready! Aren't we social pariahs enough as is?

The moe I hear out of Madison, the better Texas looks...

25 January 2007

Bowing to pressure...

Seems that everybody's doin' the blog, so I guess it's my turn (and the evil meme has already passed). So... my first blog entry: a list of thanks...

Y'all notice the list of links? The blogs listed there I read damn near every day... and, since immitation is the sincerest form of flattery, I'm immitatin'. If you aren't already familiar with Lawdog's stories, Tamara's wit, or Ambulance Driver's anecdotes... you're missing out. Go read 'em!

You'll see a variety of things here: some will be about bikers, some about Ren Faires, some about shooting. Hope something here lightens your day, if for no other reason than a "Damn... glad that ain't me!".