28 February 2009


No rest for the wicked, right?

Spent most of the day helping one of my members move.

Left there, to drive 2 hours to a biker get-together: supposed to meet some people there that want to form a new BACA chapter.

Tomorrow, I have to go to one of the other chapter's meeting, to explain the state's new phone system. Then maybe to Milwaukee to help my sis with something.

I might, at some point, get a chance to breathe.

27 February 2009

Greetings and Salutations

Greetings and Salutations, or Gruntings and Salivations, if you prefer.

I am Slytly Deranged and I will be guiding you through this maze of twists and turns and dizzying loop-de-loops I commonly refer to as My Life.

I am not, nor will ever be a polished, polite, pretensive individual. If you are looking for "Oh-my-that-warms-my-heart" type of blogging, take this opportunity to click the back button on your browser now. It will save the both of us some time and you some disappointment. However, if you are looking for a good laugh, a strange time, or at times a thought provoking blog, hang out, take a look and feel free to comment.

I am sure that there will be posts I make that you will not agree with. By all means, call me out on them. Comment and tell me that I am a stupid idiotic moron. I welcome the debate. Debate and disagreements, when debated and disagreed to their full potential, are how minds are changed.

If we can change minds we can change the world.

I am under no illusion that my blog will directly result in any great change in the world. I am no greatly respected writer or politician. I am not from a family of "Old Money". I am not a great philosopher who will be quoted and studied eons after my death.

There will be no universities with departments set up to analyze my musings and rantings. There will be no great dinners held in my honor or memory. There will be no earth shattering revelations contained in my blog.

Im just another asshole with a blog.

A blog that you just read.


New crew on the Privateer...

Heh... talking to my brother Sly (y'all got to read one of his pieces awhile back), and he mentioned having some songs he's thinking of writing. I offered him a slot on the crew aboard here, and he said "yes".

He isn't the brightest, is he?

So y'all welcome my brother by another mother, Slytly Deranged. I guess he can be ship's powder monkey, or something.

Just so long as he keeps that damn 'shine to himself!

Holder, Pelosi, and the AWB

Ok... so everyone knows about Eric Holder's comments regarding the new administration wanting to reinstate (and make permanent) the now-gone Assault Weapons Ban, right? So I don't have to rehash the whole story?

And y'all know that Nancy Pelosi (C, CA) made a statement about how that's not on the agenda right now? We're up to speed on that too, right?

Good... I hate having to rehash everything.

So... I'm gonna make a lil' prediction here. We WILL be seeing a reintroduction of the AWB, sometime between 8 months and a year from now. And it'll be an AWB on a combination of acid and steroids: bigger, meaner, and completely divorced from any concept of reality. I fully expect it to include wording making it illegal to touch anything from the flint-lock on up. And it'll have one other major difference from the previous ban.

This one won't be meant to pass. It's gonna be complete smoke & mirrors.

The Dems remember '94. They remember passing the previous ban, and how bad it backlashed against 'em. And they're hearing all the talk of what happened then. So I'm thinking Holder's comments were meant to start setting the stage. One of the CA folks will intro the bill (my guess would be Feinstein), and it'll be a HUGE battle. It'll be defeated, but only through the help of the newer, "pro-gun Dems". And it'll be enough of a distraction to help keep a Dem majority in both the branches of our legiscircus through the '10 elections.

The "real ban"? That'll come up immediately after the '10 elections, and will probably cruise right on through...

24 February 2009

Aww, what the hell?

So I'm tooling through the blogosphere, minding my own business, and make a (belated) stop by Don Gwinn's place.

I like Don. He's always been a good board mod. He has a cool writing style. He wears a "Jayne hat". And lately he makes it sound like Illinois is gonna get concealed carry soon.

Wait a minute... I did NOT read that right, did I?

For a LONG time, my only consolation in this Gawdsforsaken frozen waste was that our gun laws were better than Illinois. No FOID, pretty easy to get signed off on suppressors and FA. Granted, we didn't have CCW, but neither did Illinoying.

Now, I find out that there's a bit of a push on down there, to correct their CCW lack. AND, they've had civil immunity* for four years!

Don, I don't like you no more... :(

*Basically, if you're involved in a self defense use of force, and the courts rule that it was a justified use of force, the goblin (or his family, if he passed over) can't sue you for damages.

20 February 2009

Oh. Oh, my.

Caught this via Skippy: "Wannabe Vampires Are Totally Pissing Off Real Vampires".

I don't even know where to begin.

I'll admit, I've seen some serious freaks in my life. Hell, I've dated a couple of 'em (hey, they were hot). But this whole vampire thing?

Can somebody please bitch-slap Anne Rice now, for what she's inflicted on us?

Yes, "psychic vampires" can be considered a real thing. Everybody knows someone who just seems to sap the energy out of people. But explaining it as "vampirism"?

Worse, being basically proud of the fact?

Ok kids... time to come back to planet Earth.

09 February 2009

Oh. My. Gawds.

So I'm cruising around, and catch this over at Atomic Nerds: 8 Year Old Girl Arrested for "Battery".

What. The. Hell?

I can kinda see some of the Zero Tolerance BS, and I could see the cops being called for a similar situation with a teen. But with a frelling 8 year old?

What kind of teachers can't handle an 8 year old in "fight or flight" without calling the police? I mean, all they had to do was get in the way, there was no need to go "hands on".

And the cops? Booking an 8 year old? Huh?

I suppose it coulda been worse, she coulda been tased.

Folks I have NO higher education. But even I know that, if an attempt to physically restrain a child results in their wigging out, the best thing you can do is back off. You'd think educators (you know: college degree an' all) would have been given that clue.

I'm glad I don't have kids: there would be some "educators" either looking at lawsuits, or hospital stays...

08 February 2009

Does he ever stop getting funnier?

Lawdog has, apparently, seen a movie/read a book that features Ye Old Plot of "Unknown Heir must Save World". Something in this version of said Plot has kinda tweaked him.

Go. Read. I'll be here...

Back? Cool.

I have a new project now: I simply MUST make a "Sacred Swizzlestick of Horus". Good thing I'm getting supplies this week...

Recent news

I'm going to go on record and say that food poisoning sucks. Although I'm beginning to think that what's been happily kicking my ass the last few days is actually stomach flu.


Chapter news: I have one member who's cancer has returned, one who's pregnant, and I'm just EAGERLY awaiting the next development. Anyone want a BACA chapter, cheap?


My sister AJ just picked up a portable jeweler's bench. I must say, I've conceived a lust: thing is just perfect! And I THINK, with just a lil' work, it'd truely BE "portable" (needs a latching top and handles: not too difficult). Now if I can just remember where she said she got it!


I have a confession to make: my slim posting is because most of what I have to say would revolve in the Realms Political, which I want to avoid here. There's two reasons for that:

1) Current politics depress the hell out of me

2) There are other who say what I want to, only much better.

I should have something child abuse related up in the next day or so...