31 May 2007

I'll give the Billboard meme a try

Wasn't tagged (guess none of the cool bloggers like me enough for that). But I figured, what the hell...

1. Go to the Billboard #1 Hits listings
2. Pick the year you turned 18
3. Get yourself nostalgic over the songs of the year
4. Pick 5 songs and write something about how these songs affected you
5. Pass it on to 5 more friends

Gotta warn you: '90 was NOT a good year for music...

1: Black Velvet - Alannah Myles

This is the song I remember cruising around the nearby "big city" to. No "this was our song" stuff: just one of the few cool tunes that came out the year I turned 18...

2: Nothing Compares 2 U - Sinead O'Connor

This came out, and a good friend of mine became a total Sinead groupie. I heard it, shrugged, and thought "what... she can't spell english words?"

3: Vogue - Madonna

Heh... one of the few songs I've ever quoted. The line "Let your body move to the music" is THE best explanation of how to dance I have ever heard ('course, I don't dance anymore)...

4: Blaze of Glory Jon - Bon Jovi

I remember learning the song (had a kinda band going in high school). It was Bon Jovi, which to us meant fluff...

: Ice Ice Baby - Vanilla Ice

Oddly enough, I remember this because of the "controversy". A complete rip-off of Queen, that made it to #1. Sad, in the same way Milli Vanilli was sad...

Y'all have to remember, what I listened to (for the most part) was metal, which was NOT played on the air here in WI: Metallica (pre Black Album), Ozzy, Iron Maiden. I had the tape player going FAR more often than the radio...

29 May 2007

Via Angela's blog:

Seems some ballplayers in San Jose, CA decided to have some fun of a carnal nature with a young lady at a birthday party. I'm not sure of all the details (other than several guys were involved, and the lady is 17). I'm willing to bet, however, that there's a little more truth to her story than what was brought against the Duke la crosse team...

I'm not gonna go over all the standard stuff that gets talked about in cases like these: the outrage, finger-pointing, devastation (to the girl if she's telling the truth, to the guys if she's not). No, I'm going to suggest something:

Those of you with daughters, PLEASE teach them to stand up for themselves. Teach them how to avoid bad situations, where stuff like this can happen. Get them instructed in the many ways of inflicting extreme pain on a guy that doesn't understand "no", and instill in them the mindset to USE that training.

I've seen too many cases of rape: no matter what, the victim has to live with the scars for years. And we're raising children NOT to fight back, NOT to struggle, NOT to say "this is my body. And the only way you're putting THAT in me is if I rip it off first!". Instead, we want our daughters to ask the perp to please wear a condom: to comply with their wishes, in hopes of not getting hurt as badly...

Hustler magazine, many years ago, spoofed some of the suggestions made to potential rape victims: "Just Say Yes". But we seem to be on a road to exactly that.

Says something about the direction we're going. And I don't think I like what it says at all...

Some newfound linky-love

Added a couple new (to me) blogs to the nightly read, and thought I'd recommend 'em to both of you reading me...

Dragonwatch seems to have similar ideas about the world and it's make-up, and can turn a good phrase. If you haven't perused his site, take a gander!

And the Barking Moonbat Early Warning System has (so far) shown some good snark...

WHAT is wrong with people?!?!

From Dragonwatch:

We've all (I think) heard about the ginormous feral hog that a young man down in one of our southern states shot recently. Great story, took what appears to be a world-record feral hog with a Smith .500 (and maybe, should brought more gun: took three hours to finally put the ol' boy down. Goes to show: nothing handheld is a reliable stopper)...

Now personally, I don't hunt: not anti-hunting, just not my cuppa. But take a gander at the negative comments section of their website: man, some of these folks are downright NASTY, especially since the target of their venom is an 11 year old boy!

Wow... I wish *I* was man enough to curse out a pre-pubescent child on the internet, where there's no chance of repercussions...

24 May 2007


Something I caught on APS. If you haven't seen it, go here and watch the vid.

Y'all will excuse me, but I think I gotta walk away for a minute...

23 May 2007


Ok... read this the other day on Bitch Girls, and didn't really think much about it. Today, I actually read the article it was based on, and now I'm scratching my head...

I'm fairly open minded when it comes to sex: what happens between consenting adults is the business of nobody BUT the aforementioned consenting adults. However, when you admit to having oral sex in a restroom, with someone you barely know, some folks (myself included) might conclude that you're a little indiscriminate. When you joke about it with friends, at a wedding, it gets a touch ironic...

There are a LOT of very attractive women I know that I could describe as "not a stranger, but not a friend either". Regardless of how attractive or smooth-talking they are, nor how sexy *I* feel when they "catch" me, I'm not about to prefrom oral sex on them in a restroom, nor bring them home with me for further amusement. And honestly, most of the people I know would look at such actions and immediately cry "slut!"...

IS America actually turning out people that think this kinda thing is cool?

22 May 2007

Some BACA promotion

Sitting here reading my bloglist, and listening to BACA Nation, an' I suddenly realize that I haven't linked to the show...

BACA Nation is a broadcast on New Artist Radio: pretty much the only online radio show I listen to. Caveman and Guru try to get an hour-long show out each week. Some good blues, news of BACA, and news about child abuse and legislation. Give 'em a listen!

21 May 2007

Can I get an "Amen!"

Courtesy of Squeaky Wheel:

Friends Don't Care

by Michael Z. Williamson
July 4, 2001

I can be your best friend.

Not because I care, but because I don't.

I don't care what church, if any, you go to. I don't care if you are Church of God, Church of Christ, Church of God in Christ, Church of Christ reformed, Church of Christ Scientist, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Byzantine Catholic, Roman Catholic, Jewish Congregationalist, Hindu, Shinto, Islamic, Buddhist, Greek Orthodox, Native American, Irish Druidic, Scandinavian Druidhe, Pagan, Wiccan…Hell, I don't care if you worship the Great Pumpkin. Or no deity at all. How you spend your Sundays, Saturdays, Fridays, Tuesday evenings, full Moons, or eclipses is up to you.

I don't care if you have sex with men, women, both, or neither. If it's in private, and they are freely consenting adults, it's your business. I may not like it myself, but I don't care about you.

I don't care what brand of beer you drink or not, if you drink wine or not, liquor or not. I don't care if you brew your own, grow your own or roll your own. I don't care if you smoke dope, rope, or nightshade. It's your body, poison it any way you wish. Just keep the residue in your own home, okay?

Vegetarian? Okay. Vegan? Great. Rare steak only, or raw rattlesnake? Cool. Squid with the tentacles still wiggling? Suits me just fine.

Are you skinny? Fat? Ugly? Overdressed? Underdressed? Naked? Hey, it's your life, do what you wish. If I don't like it, I won't watch.

I am a politician's worst nightmare. I can't be made to hate, I can't be panicked by the strange, and I'll react ungraciously to attempts to inspire me so. I vote on issues, not on smokescreens, and no Orwellian pigs in suits need apply.

I'm not part of a vast conspiracy to put Candidate X into office--Candidate X is an idiot, and so is Candidate Y. I voted for the Manchurian Candidate myself, because I don't care. I don't belong to the Hate Group of the Month Club on the Evening news, because I don't care. How can you possibly think I have anything in common with them?

Oh, right. I own guns. So do they. I'll bet a bunch of them read Doctor Seuss growing up, too, as did I. I don't see how that's relevant, either.

So that's it. Power scares you. And by not being a pawn, by being able to think, and by daring to think differently from you, I scare you. Well, relax, because I don't care.

Read the papers of the country, or for that matter, the world. You'll find me right there defending the unpopular in letters to the editor, in marches, in protests and sit-ins. I don't care so damned much that I'll go far out of my way to prove it. When your oppressors refuse to believe I don't care, I'm willing to reinforce the point…WITH force.

The only actions of yours I care about are those that actually affect me. Try to rape my wife, and you die. Try to assault me, and you die. Touch my children…Well, then you'll die slowly, as a lesson to others.

Try to take my guns away, or send someone else to do so…well, then I care. Keep in mind--they protect you, too. The people who DO care about silly details of your life DO have guns, whether you call them extremists, fanatics, cults, militias, or Federal Agents. It's easy to hate a name, isn't it? I'd hate the names, too, if it would make any difference, but it doesn't. Hateful people hide everywhere, and I don't care. Only when they ACT on that hate do I become aroused. By acting on hate, they interfere with my ability not to care. And that just ruins my whole day. Sometimes it takes the threat of force to prove I don't care. That's why I have the guns.

Why would you want to take my guns away, knowing I don't care? I'm no threat. I'm your best friend. I don't even care if THEY have guns. I don't even care if YOU have a gun. I care even less if you don't like ME having a gun.

So do me a favor and don't come to my door asking me to turn over my tools of reason.

Because I don't care who interferes with my right to not care.

And neither do my guns.

Copyright 2001 by Michael Z. Williamson. Permission is granted to copy in whole for non-profit purposes, provided due credit is given. Please inform the author directly at daggers@indy.net or through http://www.KeepAndBearArms.com when you do. Mr. Williamson's online archive is found here: http://www.KeepAndBearArms.com/Williamson.

Rented something new...

Well now: I've learned to take a bit of advice on movies from some of the fora I frequent. Tonight was no exception: Spoon and I rented Pan's Labyrinth. I have to say, it's the best movie I've ever read...

Visually, it was stunning: it made you believe in the mythological. Still not sure if the mythological aspects take place in the main character's imagination or not, but that's part of the appeal. There ARE a few scenes that should be avoided by the squeamish: there's a touch of graphic violence. But overall, I have to say this is one I plan on adding to the collection...

17 May 2007

Domestic Terrorism?

Via APS, I find this little tidbit.

Take the quiz: some of the questions are kinda humorous.

I wear the answer to number 17 on the top right of my colors, for those who are interested... ;)

I scored 70%, so I might be blogging from Gitmo soon. In the meantime, I felt I should add the banner...

11 May 2007

BACA on Extreme Home Makeover Home Edition!!

This sunday, the 13th (check local listings for times), on Extreme Makeover Home Edition, a BACA family from Kansas City will appear. Our BACA founder, JP Lilly and members from the Kansas City Chapter will also be featured. JP was interviewed for the show, not sure how much will be shown but hopefully it will get the word out there about us even more.

08 May 2007

MEME thingie

Ok...so Ambulance Driver has his lil' meme thing, and I figure "what the heck: I can do that!".

Why do I feel like I'm going to regret this?

Here are the rules: Each player starts with 7 random facts/habits about themselves. People who are tagged need to write on their own blog about their seven things and add a copy of these rules. THEN, you need to choose 7 people to tag and list their names. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them that they have been tagged and to read your blog!

1.I'm currently unemployed. I ran the family business for about three years after mom died (and dad took off for Thailand), but it almost overcame me this past summer.

2. In addition to all the normal stuff I do (wait... I do normal stuff?), I play around with being a silversmith (doing mostly celtic knotwork).

3. While married (happily) to Spoon, I have two "girlfriends". Jules, who will be marrying her sweetheart next year (and whom Spoon is supposed to be standing up for), and Squeeker (who is my "Faire wife", keeping me out of trouble and making sure I eat and sleep). Never claimed I was your normal person...

4. Spoon and I live with another couple (my Chapter VP Ray and her husband), in a house that really ain't big enough. My computer (there are 4 in the house) is in the library (yes, we have the smallest room set up as an out-an'-out library).

5. I don't drink (much): a beer now and then, occasionally a sip of something harder. Last time I was even tipsy was last year at Faire (and that was just a warm feeling). Last time I was outright drunk was 6 years ago. Last alcohol I had was last weekend (a sip of butter rum). If you want a REALLY wild party animal, I'm not the guy you're looking for.

6. I'm a voracious reader... for fun. So long as I'm just doing it for entertainment, I can read almost anything nonstop (although I prefer sci-fi or fantasy). Used to get in trouble in school for reading ahead in textbooks (reading class, social studies, history, science). Now, I just get yelled at by Spoon for reading when I should be doing dishes... ;)

7. Unlike most stereotypical bikers, I don't ride a Hog: I ride a POS Honda Goldwing that was made when I was 4, and was previously owned by a mental incompetent with delusions of mechanical ability. In the two years I've owned the 'Potomus (short for "Hondapotomus"), I have:
-rewired the lights
-removed the stereo, as it was powered via an ungrounded extension cord
-replaced the drive shaft
-rewired the lights (again)
-rewired the starter switch from the handlebars to the fairing (using a flip-covered toggle switch)
-rebuilt the front calipers
-rewired the lights (again)
-now rebuilding the front master cylinder

One day, I'll have a real bike...

Ok... that's it for personal info. No more for you!

Sheesh... as if things weren't bad enough!

Spend the day cleaning, and the evening tearing apart the front brake cylinder on the 'Potomus. Come inside to relax, eat a big bowl of ramen, and read some bloggy goodness. And what do I find on Tam's site (via alpheca)? This little bit of hippocracy...

Now, I've had conversations with lots of police over the years. And there are a LOT of good police out there. But thing like this make me wonder if they live in the same world as I do, when they ask "why is there an 'us vs them' attitude?"

I wonder if the posters to that forum honestly expect to have any amount of respect from the general public?


'Course, it makes me appreciate the cops we have here at home a lil' bit more...

06 May 2007

Back to blogging


Well... Child Abuse Awareness Month is finally over, and we made it through the Weekend from Hell with only minor scrapes (and a bit of sunburn: I now sport a tanned face and white forehead, courtesy of a skullcap and 100 miles in the sun).

We pulled a little money for the kids (although not as much as I'd have liked), made some good contacts (possibly some new Chapters forming), and generally had a good time. Hats off to the Ant Hill Mob for an outstanding bikeshow (even if I didn't win the raffle bike). And now, I should be blogging more regularly...