10 January 2011

Of lunatics, guns, and polite discourse

So... by now, I'm sure everyone's heard about the wackjob in Arizona who pulled a gat and mowed down several people (including a congresswoman, a judge, and a small girl).

And the media frenzy began before the gunsmoke had cleared, with many stations immediately claiming that the shooter was some "Right-Wing Teabagger, pushed over the edge by Sarah Palin's rhetoric". We've also heard some in Congress calling for more gun control (at least the smoke had cleared before those statements were made, although the bodies had not yet reached room-temp).

Excuse me, but did IQs suddenly drop while I wasn't looking?

Access to a gun didn't make this loser go on a rampage. If guns were licensed, registered, and heavily restricted... he would have bought one illegally (the way gang-bangers in Chicago get theirs). but hey... let no tragedy go unused, right?

As for the cries against his political ideology: first, evidence is pointing him to be more Left than Right. and either way, there's no way of predicting when someone is going to look at their personal mental map, and take a turn for magnetic due what the fuck...

The guy was a wackjob, who snapped and decided to kill some folks. Nothing further need be said about him.

One facet that ISN'T getting much news: one of the people who nabbed and held him was a concealed carry licensee. Funny, that...