23 August 2011

Meanwhile, on the east coast...

... Mother Nature decided to shake things up a bit. Unfortunately, She made a mistake, and did NOT swallow DC...


22 August 2011

In the mind of a pedophile...

Ok... go here. Read the post, certainly (and the post linked back at Peter's place). But most importantly, read the comments...

There, folks, is a pedophile (you'll know who he is).

This is seen regularly, where someone starts posting to a blog or discussion group, defending pedophilia as "simply sex between people who love each other". We're left to imagine children, enveloped in the overwhelming love of the person embracing them, and that love being shown in a tender, heart-warming fashion.


Yes, quite often, the victim (a child, not fully mature) DOES "consent" or even "desire" what the pedophile is doing. That's because the scum do something called "grooming"... a fancy term for "brainwashing". They convince the child that they want this, that it's ok. That it's acceptable to have happen.

Children also have a desire to try alcohol, and tobacco. Haven't heard the outcry about THOSE rights "being infringed", probably because the only people who would benefit from such would be businesses, and those businesses have morals.

When you encounter these people, they will go to great lengths to convince you that what they do is harmless, that there really is no victim, that children genuinely WANT these things. And they can sound OH SO REASONABLE, just wanting these poor children to have their "sexual rights".

Call them on it folks. Someone who would defend the actions of a pedophile, probably is one themselves. Show them NO mercy, just as they show none to their victims...

21 August 2011

Of flash mobs

Yes yes, I know... I've been lazy. Working on that.

The big news items out of Wisconsin this year has been the passage of concealed carry, and the flash mob phenomina in Milwaukee. Unfortunately, it seems the police and politicritters of Milwaukee are refusing to look at the racial component of the mobs: almost exclusively black youths, targeting white victims.

Now, CCW goes into effect in November, and the first Wisconsin permits are expected to hit the streets by 15 December. And I'm going to make a small prediction about the combination of these two facts:

Sometime between 15 December 2011, and the same time 2012, there will be another flash mob in Milwaukee (again a group of predominantly black youths). Only this time, there will be an armed citizen amongst the chosen victims, most likely a white male. Said victim may or may not survive the encounter, but there WILL be casualties.

When this occurs, Milwaukee is going to blow, sky high, as the various race baiters and idiots in paleomedia turn this into some racial crime.

You heard it here first. Gawds, but I hope I'm wrong...