28 May 2009

It's good I don't have kids...

Because of things like this. The story:

BARLETT, Kan. -- There's controversy at a Kansas school after a teacher shaved the head of a 6-year-old boy because of his haircut.

Derby McReynolds had his hair cut in a short Mohawk.

Bartlett school officials said that was unacceptable, and sent him home.

His parents trimmed the boy's hair to what they said resembled a military cut.

The next time Derby went to school, the principal had a faculty member shave the boy's head.

"They said we were being unfair to Derby, by letting him cut his hair cut that way. He wanted it that way. If you ask me, they were being unfair to Derby by not allowing him to keep his hair the way he wanted it," said Casey Sandusky, the boyfriend of Derby's mother.

"The school district in general is always trying to balance that student's individual right of expression with the expectations of the building of each of the teachers, of parents and other students," Labette School Superintendent Dr. Chuck Stockton said.

His parents said Derby is wearing a hat until his hair is long enough to cut into a Mohawk again this summer.

Reminds me of a case here at home, where the daughter of a friend of the family was overheard telling a friend she thought she might be pregnant. Word got back to the guidance counsellor, who took it upon himself to restrict her to his office until she took a pregnancy test.

Now I don't know about y'all, but if a child of mine had something like this happen, I'd be looking for some time alone with whichever school drone was the perp. And chances are, they would think long and hard about EVER doing something similar to another kid.

Yes, children don't enjoy the same set of rights as adults. But things like this go way beyond what's acceptable. The sad part is, parents don't fight back, to keep the admins in check.

Kinda like how we let the gooberment keep getting away with stuff...

H/T to Jay G

18 May 2009

New blog: go, read, send the link to others!

So... was in the BACA Nation chat room Sunday night, and a blogger was mentioned. A blogger who, surprise surprise, blogs about child abuse (primarily sexual) and ways of combating it.

Y'all go over and check out SMP's work at The Ultimate Evil. Worth not only a read, but I'd appreciate if anyone with a blog picked up the torch and posted a link: more exposure is a good thing in this case!

16 May 2009

Customer service

Don't know if I have any readers (other than Peter) down in LA, but I thought I'd post a link to AD's latest "experience" dealing with a cycle shop. Go here to read what customer service isn't...

04 May 2009

Sticky: BACA Nation

So yesterday, I was watching the live broadcast of the BACA Nation Radio Show, and I noticed a lil' button that said "embed". And that got me to thinkin' (never a good thing). So I thought "Hey... why don't I embed the show in my blog!".

Want to "tune in" live? Show's on from 7-10 Central time. If you can't catch it on your radio, check it at www.bacanation.com (where there's a chatroom with the hosts, and a webcam of the studio). Just click on the link at the top of the page that says "live"...