30 November 2011

Humpday Hardware goes cowboy

Ok... been promising this for months now. Unfortunately, I did NOT get pics of Spoon actually holding her pieces: too much life going on right now (will post about that later)

Anyway... before we got involved in BACA, Spoon and I had discovered the sport of Cowboy Action Shooting. For those unaware, this is a game where you dress up in your best approximation of Olde West Garb, and see how fast you can miss a set of targets. It's played with two single action pistols, a lever or pump action rifle, and one of a limited number of shotgun designs (all pre 1899 designs)...

We never got a chance to get too involved: our BACA chapter got started shortly after that, and our finances got screwy around the same time. To the point that my cowboy pistols got sold (the very last guns I ever sold). But the plan has always been to get involved with that sport again.

We had already picked up Spoon's first pistol before then: an American Western Arms Longhorn.

The funny story with this pistol is, it's her second one. Took the first one to the range, and it locked up tight on her: part of the frame behind the cylinder had broken. But they made it right almost instantly, so good on AWA

The second pistol was actually provided by a friend for her Christmas present last year (and I still owe him on it: I haven't forgotten, bro). It's an Uberti Peacemaker knockoff:

My frined Matt was looking to get rid of it (and a side by 12 ga), and we talked about it. The fun of this one was the gunstore employee who claimed he had shipped it, but didn't: that caused a LOT of fun on both ends.

So here they are: my wife's pair of single action slugthrowers

28 November 2011

New Feature

Ok... gotten back into Humpday Hardware (honest, Spoon WILL be goin' cowboy tomorrow). And suddenly, another possible feature presents itself: The Tuesday Drunk Barrista. Some background...

A friend of mine is a barrista at the local java joint. And he's a... colorful... character. Who, when he goes out on weekends, has been known to spout some priceless lines. Or find himself in priceless situations. We'll call him John.

Now... John is a gay liberal. But I'm a tolerant soul. And I've talked several friends into aiding and abetting, by reporting back whatever humor happens when I'm not along.


So I got invited along this weekend past. There's only the four of us guys, and discussions are wide ranging. Including discussion of John's visit to the submarine (I STILL haven't gotten all the details, but he often says "so I desecrated a national monument"). As the night goes on, the discussion turns to child support, and the ridiculus levels some men are made to pay.

John, swaying slightly, proclaims quite loudly "well, if some guy knocked me up, I would want to be getting some scratch from him!". We all just sorta looked at him, before busting out laughing...


So that's the start... I have a few stories saved up, for the rare weekend they don't go out. And y'all can read about it every tuesday!

27 November 2011

... and blood will run in the streets!

Well, we're 27 days into the era of legally armed Wisconsinites, and coming to the end of the opening weekend of Idiot Season (Christmas shopping).

Just did a quick Google search, looking for any cases of shootings here in Cheddarland during the Black Friday stupidity. Now, I've heard of all kinds of asshattery from Friday, but oddly enough, nobody pulled their heater and popped some caps to secure the X-Box for Lil' Timmy.

We were promised blood in the streets, damnit. Where's our blood in the streets?

23 November 2011

Pimpin' ain't easy

Many moons ago, a reporter asked Patton about his pearl-handled pistol. His response has become somewhat legendary: "Only a New Orleans pimp, would carry a pearl-handled gun."

Ummm... sorry, general


I had picked up Smitty a few years back, wanting a .357 in the locker. When I bought him, he had oversize Pachmyer grips, which didn't fit my tiny paws all that well. Over the next year or so, I spent lots of time looking for a good set of grips that fit my hand. Various rubber grips were tried, none felt right. And when I considered the idea of keeping him in my colors, they got worse.

Then came the Fon du lac gunshow, and a table that had all KINDS of grips. I was hoping for a nice set of smooth wood. Instead, I found what you see on him.

He's a Smith 19-5, with a 2" bbl. Shoots well, and carries ok in either of the rigs pictured. I'm hoping to replace both with a Flatjack from Dragonworks Leather, debating between the Gadsden inlay, or stingray with eye. And finances to be a lil' better...


And no, really, next week Spoon will cowboy up!

19 November 2011

And Wisconsin joins the United States

As most people know, some form of concealed carry has been available in 48 of our 50 states for many years. Well, as of 01 Nov, Wisconsin FINALLY joined the rest.

It has been a long fight to get here, but we FINALLY made it. And today, 18 Nov, I got my permission slip in the mail: