29 October 2009

Score one for common decency!

Caught this on a kilt-wearer's board, and thought y'all might enjoy it. Original thread is here.

Last week I walked into the local Market that I grocery shop at. I'm on friendly speaking terms with the folks that work there, never miss a chance to flirt with the checkout girls, or give the guys some teasing...

Anyway, so I walk in. There's a young woman near the front of the store, oblivious to everything, yammering at the top of her lungs on her cell phone. You've seen people like this on the street, in stores, and generally around. They are so wrapped up in their terribly important telephone conversation (they probably had another one, upon which the fate of the world rests, five minutes ago) that they're totally unaware of their surroundings.

So I walk in, wearing boots, camouflage kilt, t-shirt and so on. I was sweaty from a throwing workout. I grab a shopping cart and pass her. About fifteen feet down the aisle I hear her say....and you can just imagine the tone...

Oh My God, a guy in a skirt just walked in here! That is so ****!!

insert word that starts with "g" that we don't use on this forum, into the space where I left the ***.

So I stopped, put my glasses in my cart and walked over to her. I gently, but firmly removed the phone from her ear, held it up to my face and said ... ***"Oh My God, there's a really nasty girl here in the grocery store. She is so RUDE!"***

...and then I handed the phone back to her and went on with my shopping. I have no idea what she did after I handed her phone back to her, but you know, I'm totally OK with that. I noticed that the checker, name of Kim, was laughing her head off as I turned away, though...

Even if you don't wear a kilt, tell me you've never wanted to do something like this!

27 October 2009


Tamara steps up and comments about the Loaded Chamber Indicator here, in typical Tam fashion.

Needless to say, she's not a fan of that particular widget.

Jay G agrees with her here, and offers some other items that he thinks are useless "features".

I agree more with the rest of Jay's list.

The LCI, to me, is one of those "that could be slightly helpful" items. Not to take the place of Col Cooper's Rule 1 (All guns are always loaded), but rather as a nice "on the fly" check ("Did I remember to chamber a round when I got dressed?") that doesn't require an actual press-check.

Not to say this particular widget is always well executed: I've seen some that had the utility (and aesthetics) of tits on the proverbial boar. But others (thinking of the Beretta 92 and Walther PPK here), it was unobtrusive...

Now, some of the other things mentioned (mag disconnect???), are true travesties and sins in the eyes of the lord...

25 October 2009

Another year gone...

Marko the Munchkin Wrangler hit's another milestone: 38.

Or is it millstone? I get those two confused.

Go forth, and wish him a wonderful natal day. I won't suggest spankings (although I'd be perfectly willing to send his wife my whip, if she'd like)

19 October 2009

Sad news, and a bleg

A few days ago, I lost a brother.

Patch, from the Bear River chapter in Utah, was injured in a motorcycle accident on 09 Oct, passing away the following day.

Now usually, when a member passes, the Nation is informed and messages of condolence sent. This time, someone has created a website to solicit such messages, with the intent that his wife Sara should receive a letter every day.

From the website:

Letters to Sara are words of love, friendship, sincerity, sympathy, encouragement and compassion.

The purpose of the project is to spread our love and support over time. One letter to Sara will be mailed out every day. The more letters we get - the more time we will cover. I'm hoping to get at least 365 letters - enough for at least one year's time.

So here's the bleg. I'm asking that this get sent far and wide.

Here's the website. Please take a minute, and write your own letter to Sara. If you have a blog, post a link.

So many of my readers have commented on how wonderful you think what we do in BACA is. Now, someone in BACA needs two minutes of your time.

This won't make her pain go away. But at least it might help ease it a bit.

11 October 2009

Why are you here?

What are you doing looking at my blog? It's time for BACA Nation!

Go ye here. Click the "LIVE" button. Enjoy the show!

And from the "better half"

Spoon, sitting here reading AD's post about Peter's status:

"So... did AD comment on our Teleprompter in Chief getting a Noble doggie treat?"

"Doggie treat?"

"Doggie treat, Scooby Snack, whatever the fuck you want to call it now"

reminds me of why I married her...

09 October 2009

When did the Nobel Peace Prize become a kewpi doll?

So... our Teleprompter in Chief has won the Nobel Peace Prize.

Wait... what?

A man who had only been in office for eleven days when the nomination deadline hit has won the prize? What the hell?

The biggest laugh out of the whole deal? Even HuffPo is unhappy about this turn of events:

Whatever one might feel about Obama, he has not earned this singular award.

And that's from an Obama supporter!

Yep... the inmates really ARE running the asylum...

06 October 2009

I don't do this often...

But sometimes, a suggestion for prayers IS necessary.

Peter of Bayou Renaissance Man is having some heart trouble.

Please spare him some prayers, to whatever Deity you send your requests through.


05 October 2009

Good news.

Well... heard from Ye Olde Man. He made it, safe and sound, back to the Land of Smiles.

Actually gonna miss him. But he's happier there.

04 October 2009

I'd like to introduce you...

... to Tim Fischer.

This gentleman was sexually abused by a member of the clergy at age 11. He created the linked blog to tell his story.

Go. Read. Learn to spot when someone in a position of authority over your child is preying on children. Don't let it happen to yours.

sunday, Sunday, SUNDAY!!!

Sunday night, so again it's time for BACA Nation!

Hit the link, click "live", and join in on the chat!

01 October 2009

Full Circle

Ya know... lo those many moons ago, shortly after I first started this blog, Dad came home. With a projected 3-4 weeks to live.

That was over two years ago. Man's pretty spry for a two-year-old corpse.

Today, we put him back on a plane, to head back to the land of smiles. Hopefully, he'll enjoy whatever time he has left (I have suspicions...)