20 August 2009

As promised

Here's the promised picture of the new baby. Please remember, it's a pic off a phone: if people want better, they'll have to wait.


Well, she did it.

At 0236 Central time, my Treasurer Squeaker gave birth to one Rowan Robert Burns W. 6lb 9oz, and 20" long. Both child and mother are doing fine.

Congratulations, girl. Looking forward to teaching him the finer arts of throwing lead downrange (and other sundry ways of causing mayhem)!

Pics to follow when I get them. Y'all will likely have to wait until Monday.

19 August 2009


Some of you may remember some drama for me a year ago. About a girl named Squeaker.

You may even remember me mentioning that she had earned her patch, and was now a member of BACA.

What hasn't been mentioned is that, after leaving, she went and got herself pregnafied, with a due date sometime last week. Unfortunately (for her), the son she's been carrying has shown itself to have the same streak of stubborness that his momma tends to exhibit.

For those NOT getting the picture there, she's been wandering around for an extra week or so, looking decidely beachballish.

JUST got a text from her: she's gone into labor. Will post an update when I hear that she's finally squeezed the boy out into the world...

Return of Humpday Hardware (Far East segment)

As promised: Humpday Hardware: Far East!

Now, like many other folks with sharp things in their collection of Ways to Damage Humanity, I used to have LOTS of "eastern toys". Now, the long blade portion of the arms locker only contains 2 visitors from the East: these two have been with me for awhile now.


On top, is a Noble Collection tachi. I've always loved the design of the tachi, even moreso then that of the traditional katana. It just seems to flow in the hands, making draw cuts easier and even more western style slashes simple...

Here's a little bot of historical info.

I picked her up shortly after leaving the Navy. Point of fact, she was a gift from mom...

Of course, Samurai Cat Kage had to get in on the pics...


The bottom of the two is something of an abortion: a piece that was rebuilt by the brother of a friend, and sold to me because he needed cash. Fairly typical cheap katana blade, with a completely home made hilt and scabbard. But it IS a nice piece for practicing live, and the long hilt suits me.

Again, with Kage...


That's it for this installment. Next week, I'll either wander into the Long Guns, or maybe even discuss Spoon's methods of keeping me in line... ;)

17 August 2009

Just had to share this one

Yes, I know I was going to hold off posting until Wednesday. But this one is important.

Caught word of an app for the iPhone, that allows you to look up the locations of registered sexual predators in your area. Now, you CAN do this via the FBI's website, but that's not always easy on the fly. This app allows you to see, quickly and easily, those who are in your immediate area.

So I went and checked: it's not only available for the iPhone, but for the Crackberry, Wordpress and Facebook.

Needless to say, I've got it on my Crackberry now. Only cost $3, which I'd say is a bargain.

You can learn more about it here. I know I'll be making good use of this in the future!

13 August 2009

technical difficulties

Due to circumstances not beyond my control (if I possessed two brain cells to rub together), posting has been on hold. This will continue to next Wednesday, when I'll return with my previously promised Humpday Hardware (the Far East installment).

Sorry folks: I did something stupid, which I should've known better than to do. Lesson learned.

By the way: anyone out there with an older Mitsubishi Eclipse: buy a replacement crankshaft pulley as you approach 30K miles. And a spare jack. Trust me on this.

05 August 2009

Stranded on a deserted isle...

Sorry about the derth of posting.

Read MHI, then had to run to the Faire to help my sis. Was ready to come home, and the crackshaft pulley on my engine came apart. Now I'm waiting for the part to come in, stranded at Faire until then.

Life sucks sometime. Regular posting to resume sometime next week (when I should actually be at home)