28 March 2009

Opinions wanted about content...

As I'm reading through my "daily blogs", I realized most are, in one form or another, "gun blogs".

Now, I've made no secret of the fact that the crew and command of the Privateer are all VERY much in favor of our country's Second Amendment. But I haven't really said much about guns here. No range reports, no real gun pron, no discussion of the BS we put up with here in the Land of Cheese...

So... I figured I'd let the two of you decide: want to know about what the crew of HMS Privateer uses in our forays?

Ye gawds!

Damn... missed most of a month!

Been busy: working, getting bikes up and running (had Spoon's Kaw out a couple times, but the 'Potomus is still arguing with me). Getting things ready for Child Abuse Awareness Month (having a kick-off party for it next saturday at the Moose: I'll post details monday). Generally, trying to keep life from spinning out of complete control... ;)

Not sure how much posting will be done this coming month: April is always brutal aboard the Privateer. We'll see how it goes!

03 March 2009

Passage of crew...

Well, another "crew member" here has passed away: one of the cat's health took a nose-dive the last couple days, culminating in a lifeless body a couple hours ago.

Tinker had been doing a tremendous job of attempting to fill Squee's position as "mommy's kitty". And now, she's gone.

Yet another that will be missed... :(


Peter posted an interesting list of courses offered (for credit) at some universities. Here's the quick rundown:

* Arguing With Judge Judy: Popular 'Logic' On TV Judge Shows
* Underwater Basket Weaving
* The Joy Of Garbage
* Zombies In Popular Media
* Cyberporn And Society
* Far Side Entomology
* Myth And Science Fiction: Star Wars, The Matrix, And Lord Of The Rings

He goes on to ask readers if they'd be willing to pay for their children attending such classes. I'm gonna take a slightly different track...

Was discussing the whole college thing with Spoon. Seems a college degree doesn't mean as much, anymore. Hell, I dated a girl that got a degree in Spanish & Latin American Studies... then got a job teaching english in Japan!

We've all heard of folks that get a degree in (insert whatever major), only to find out that for it to mean anything in the job market, they need further education. Not to mention the number of kids in college that seem to dual major in "Binge Drinking" and "Promiscuis Sex".

I'm gonna advance a theory here: I think college has become overly pushed on society. And there are a couple reasons behind this.

First off, we've been given a sense that everybody should be an executive (or similarly physically non-taxing position). What we've failed to take into account is that there are only so many such positions out there. Nobody wants to be a ditch-digger, but SOMEBODY has to do it. Yet, thinking back to high school, the huge push was to go on to "higher education*" to make something of yourself.

Second issue here: many college kids today seem to treat the (however many) years of college as an extended adolescence, with mommy & daddy footing the bill for the search for more excess.

Could it be that, courses such as those listed, MIGHT just point to a needed revamp of our whole education system? That, just maybe, the whole "well rounded education" might not be as good a thing (or as necessary for everyone) as once thought?

Just sayin'...

01 March 2009


In the interest of sanity,
I must admit, I am insane.
In the interest of lunacy,
I must admit, I am mundane.

If I am to be honest and fair,
To those who know me best,
I must admit I am not great,
That I am flawed at best.

Jason "Slytly Deranged" Carroll
3/1/2009 4:59 am

This has been rolling around in my head all day, thought I would get it out.