13 August 2008

Eye-opening experience

Ok... so let me set the stage for this a bit.

For those who couldn't tell from the few photos, Sarah has a trach tube. This is from a house fire when she was 16. One of the things she told me about when we met was a "burn camp" she went to, that helped her overcome the emotional trauma the fire caused.

Ok... seems there's a local HOG chapter that does what they call a "Hearts on Fire" run out to the camp every year. They do a couple fundraisers, but the highlight for them (and for a bunch of the kids) was tonight: the ride out (there were 100 bikes for this year) to visit the kids.

I'll get the pics up in a couple days. Was WELL worth being up and running for 12 hours on this alone to cover the event!

11 August 2008

Hmmm... another magazine?

Hey... would the two of you think worse of me if I started writing for another magazine?

Seems I might have an offer, from (of all places) Kink magazine. Wouldn't interfere with my current gig, would mean more money, and possibly even more job offers.

Here's a site that shows a couple covers: not sure if I'd be able to do this or not.

So... what say y'all.

09 August 2008

A call-out to those of you who ride...

Hey all...

Seems Chris, Crystal's husband over at Boobs, Injuries, and Dr Pepper has a small problem:

Crystal won't let him get a scoot.

I think maybe we all need to email her, and help her see the error of her ways. Thankfully, she does NOT have my mailing address...

Go here, and let her know that motorcycles aren't dangerous! Let's help our brother out here...

Problems in NH

Via Tam, we get this. poor Marko, dealing with such a heinous crime!

Read the comments: they carry a class 3 beverage alert!

05 August 2008

It's not the years, it's the miles...

So... been doing quite a bit of travel this season, what with the new gig an' all. Decided to see how much distance I've covered in the saddle so far: came out to a little over 2300 miles. Gonna be a 3-4k season easy. And that's only if I DON'T do any major roadtripping after getting the new bike.

Always fun though, to be talking to some RUB on his sparkly new HD, and have him giving me shit about my scoot. The look on their face when you ask them how many miles they've logged, and their total since they started riding doesn't equal what you've done this season (so far)...

03 August 2008

Not something I would normally go for...

I consider Larry Correia a friend. When he opened FBMG, I passed out handfuls of business cards at BACA National to anyone from Utah. Spoon, Squeaker and I all proudly wear MHI patches on our colors. And, when the money is FINALLY there, I'll be sending Spoon out to him to pick out her SMG. But this one takes the cake...

Folks, my mother also suffered from breast cancer. She beat it, but I'd REALLY rather no other woman ever has to go through that. So the Privateer will be pooling some money, and buying some tickets this week. Heck... we might even win! I'm sure Spoon would love a pink rifle!

The tickets are $5 a piece. Surely y'all can each afford a five spot to help save the boobies?