19 November 2010


A few around the blogosphere have commented on their "Grail Guns": guns that are hard to find, usually expensive, but what you desperately "must have" in your personal collection.

Sad thing is, my list of "grails" has gotten awfully thin: two of what *I* considered grails, I've already gotten. One of which I've already written about. The other will be in an upcoming installment of Humpday Hardware.

But there are still a couple guns that, given the chance, I'd sell a brother for (ok... I'd sell Rev. That counts, right?).


First off would be "the other Mack Bolan gun": the Beretta 93-R

This is the subgun/machine pistol Mack used to put the hurt on the bad guys in SO many different "men's action/adventure" books. We actually lost count of how large the man's body-count was.

The 93-R is a select-fire subgun built on the frame of the 92 series pistol. From World Guns:

Beretta 93R automatic (or machine) pistol has been in development during the second half of the 1970s, and first appeared circa 1977. The index 93 stands for "9mm, 3rd model", and the suffix "R" means "Raffica" - burst[-firing] in Italian language. This special purpose sidearm was intended for police and military forces who may require improved firepower in compact weapon during the close-quarter combat, such as room-to-room search or VIP protection. Because the compact size and relatively powerful 9mm Parabellum ammunition necessary resulted in high cyclic rate of fire, Beretta designers decided do limit the practical rate of fire by introducing a burst limiter, which allowed only for three shot bursts, in addition to the standard semi-automatic fire. To further improve the control during the burst fire, the pistol was fitted with folding forward grip, and the detachable folding shoulder stock. Early production pistols also featured a ported barrel to decrease barrel climb, but later this feature was dropped. The Beretta 93R is no longer listed in Beretta military & law enforcement catalogs, but it is used by some Italian police and anti-terrorist forces, such as Carabineri's GIS and NOCS, and by some other paramilitary forces. The burs fire mode is of dubious value for anybody but the most professional shooters, who need the improved effectiveness at very short to short ranges; the folding shoulder stock probably can help for long range single shot accuracy.

The basic design of the Beretta 93R machine pistol is based on the famous Beretta 92 pistol; The 93R uses the same short recoil operated, locked breech system with vertically cammed lock. The slide retains typical Beretta-style open-top design. The trigger mechanism, however, is somewhat different from Beretta 92, as it is a single action only, with non-ambidextrous frame mounted safety and additional fire mode selector (both mounted on the same axis, with the selector lever pointing forward and safety lever pointing backward). The mechanism which controls the length of the bursts is located behind the right grip panel. Beretta 93R pistol is supplied with proprietary 20-rounds magazines but also can use standard Beretta 92 type magazines.

Yes... burst firing, but can use standard 92 mags. What's NOT to love?

Oh yeah... the price tag. Last time I heard of one selling at auction, it went for $30K. At the same time, a suppressed MP5 ran $15K... :(

Sad to say, I doubt I'll ever own one. But if the possibility ever manifest, I would be hand-delivering the form 4.

I DID have an airsoft version (back when I did costuming for cons). From an Eagle shoulder rig to ready to fire (including flipping out the shoulder stock) was roughly 3 seconds...


Another that MAY qualify as a grail would be the Le Mat. Although I'm not sure it quals, as reproductions are available (and at a relatively reasonable price).

From Wikipedia:

The LeMat revolver was a .42 or .36 caliber cap & ball black powder revolver invented by Dr. Jean Alexandre LeMat of New Orleans, which featured a rather unusual secondary 16 gauge smoothbore barrel capable of firing buckshot, and saw service with the armed forces of the Confederate States of America during the American Civil War of 1861–1865.

Basically, it consisted of a shotgun barrel surrounded by the cylinder of a nine-shot revolver. Oddly though, it points rather well: I've handled several examples, and am always surprised at how well it points.

The hammer is hinged in the center: you cock it, then pivot the front portion down so it will engage the shot barrel's cap. Making your first shot, well, shot... followed by 9 shots of .42 or .36 caliber lead goodness (or badness, if you're on the other end)...


Odd as it may seem, that's it for my "Grails". There's a LONG list of other guns I WANT to have in my collection... but they're all fairly possible, if not easy (being nothing more than a matter of financing)...

Returning to some regularly scheduled posting...

Just went through some of my old posts, and bringing back some things that I've let fall by the wayside...


Humpday Hardware returns next week. Probably won't be a weekly feature (I only have so much hardware), but I'm going to continue through the Privateer's arms locker.


Gonna cheat a bit for the other "return": Going to go ahead and (like I said I would) steal my brother SOB's "Nostradumbass Award". This SHOULD be a weekly (being posted sometime Friday). This week's took a bit, but only because I already stated that I refuse to cover the TSA's stupidity.

Take a read here. Basic facts of the case:

Off-duty cop in his cruiser, and on his way to a second job, does 26 mph over the posted speed limit. Hits a 12 year old boy, leaving him a quadriplegic in need of constant medical care. Sentence? $185 fine for speeding...

Oddly though, the cop is NOT the Nostradumbass: we've all seen stories of cops doing REALLY stupid (and illegal) things. No shock there.

No... I'm looking at the judge, who had the audacity to declare that this officer wasn't responsible for the child being paralyzed.

Some on the 'net have argued that he wasn't responsible. However, if he hadn't been going almost twice the posted limit, this (most likely) wouldn't have happened. Instead of the non-story of a child crossing the street, we have a story of a child who's life is ruined... and a cop getting a slap on the wrist.

So, Montgomery County District Court judge Whomever (they don't list his Dishonour's name), congratulations! You've just helped perpetuate the "Us v. Them" mentality so many are feeling in our country. And thereby gotten yourself declared this week's Nostradumbass!


Oh... want to learn more about the "Thin Blue Line" thing? Check out this post over at Matt G's place. That's one peace officer I can have respect for!

17 November 2010

BACA news

I'm a little late on the announcement, but I'm proud to let y'all know that BACA has expanded again.

At this past year's International Conference, Italy was granted temp charter status. Well, it seems they have done the work and met the requirements: last week, a representative group from the International Board went over, and granted full-charter status.

Congratulations to my new brothers from Italy! Welcome to the fight!

16 November 2010

Around the blogosphere...

It seems that all the blogosphere is afire with calls for the TSA to be disbanded (or prosecuted, tarred and feathered, and other assorted violations of their persons).

Not going to take time and link every last post I've read about it: would take most of the night.

However, who exactly is surprised that a government agency, given basically limitless power with no oversight or controls, has gone off the deep end? Seriously folks: we saw this coming, if we thought to look.

Here's hoping that we can get away from security theater now...

02 November 2010

update 6

And we're closed. Will post the new balance of power in Wisconsin a little later.

For now, time to go work out.
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update 5

Quick: turns out our new governor's birthday is today. What better birthday present?

Congratulations and Happy Birthday, Mr Governor-Elect!
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update 4

Well, it looks like the makeup of the legislature in Wisconsin is gonna be a bit different from the last few years. Here's how it breaks down currently:

Dem: 18
Rep: 15

Dem: 52
Rep: 46
Ind: 1

Don't have final totals, but we HAVE picked up seats...

I'd like to give a public thank-you to the Manitowoc County Republican Party: great folks, who were VERY helpful with info tonight...
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update 3

Another quick observation, while watching the local tee wee: Wisconsin is going BIG for Republicans.

Maybe this time, we can fix our lack of CCW, leaving Illinois the lone hold-out...
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update 2

Locally, looks like the only Gems winning are those running unopposed. That amuses me...
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update 1

One quick observation: why DOES the media project winners when there's only 1% of the vote in? That make sense to anyone?
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Election night 2010

Sitting at the local Republican headquarters to get the election results. Updates a lil' later.

One interesting fact. Local Assembly race included a bit of a dirty trick. We were looking at a race between a Democrat and an incumbent Independent. Was just informed that one of the local unions played dirty pool to get someone on the ballot... as a Republican.

Anyway... more later...
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