13 September 2007

Again on my daily reading...

And I stumble upon this gem from Crystal. It's a fairly normal Crystal post, containing something of a rant. But one phrase really lept out at me:

"Well, as a for instance, one of the questions is, 'What do a knee and an elbow have in common?'. We give the children one point for saying they both bend, 2 points for saying they're both joints, and so on."

"What did Virginia say?"

"Umm, well...she said they can both be used with deadly force. And then she drew some karate stick figures."

"See! That's creative!"

"They were hitting what are very obviously men in their private parts."

"Did you know that Mississippi has no law saying a sex offender has to live away from a school or park? Do you know how many we have living in a five block radius?"

This is the kind of answer more young girls need to be able to give. Hat's off, Crystal, for raising a child that will NOT be a victim!

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