29 July 2008

New happenings aboard

Well now... haven't updated recently. Need to correct that...

Have a few folks showing an interest in joining the crew. But we're using a long interview process: don't want anyone jumping ship again...

Speaking of which: our old crewmember seems to have decided asking for help is ok to do. So... "Capn' Strings" trades his hat, and becomes "Dr Bill". Yes, I'm a sucker: sue me.

In other news, the magazine is getting better and better. THat'll be changing: they've made me Associate Editor (no jokes about me editing asses: they've already been made).

And my first mate and I are looking into getting a new longboat: the 'Potomus is nice and all, but we need something a lil' more reliable. Have a guy in the area that's selling an HD Tour Glide for silly cheap: now, to just get the money-lenders to see things our way...

That's about all we have happening right now. Maybe I'll get something snarky up soon...

21 July 2008

Hope y'all will pardon me while I geek out...

Spoon just informed me that they're doing a movie version of the Watchmen. Since this is just about one of THE best graphic novels ever made, I HAD to go check the trailer.

Go here, trailer is on the top. Oh My Frelling Gawds: I think I'm going to need to change my kilt!

If the actual movie is even half as good as the trailer, I'll be in throes of ecstacy!

Holy Hannah!

I just scrolled down, and caught sight of my counter (don't really look down there often).

Jumpin' Jeebus on a pogo stick! When the Hell did I clear 10K?

Maybe I should pay more attention to that little ego-stroker...

Reincarnation DOES happen!

Law Dog has just adopted one of our old cats: reborn, but this story is our old kitty Suki* in spades!

Mr Dog, you have my heartfelt sympathies in agreeing to take care of a four-footed, cute, bandsaw

*"Suki" was short for "Succubus": she'd lure you in with her charms, then attempt to eat you

15 July 2008

Computer woes

Ok, maybe someone can help me out here...

I'm running Win XP, with the latest version of Firefox. Every once in awhile, on Yahoo or MySpace (and once at Schlock Mercenary), Firefox committed seppuku and shut down. When it starts happening, I can foget about checking whatever site I was trying to view.

Anybody have a suggestion?

reaffirming my faith in humanity...

Given some of the stuff I've seen and dealt with, I tend to get a... jaded... view of humanity. To be blunt, I've had cops tell me that I shouldn't be so pessimistic of the actions and intentions of my fellow h.sapiens.

But when you deal with the absolute dregs (and you do NOT get lower than child abusers), it gets hard to believe that people can be good. Then you read something like this.

I would LOVE to see the video of the cops arriving.

Getting ideas from elsewhere

Was just reading over at the Pervocracy, and had to make some comments on the "Cosmo Girl" thing.

Are there REALLY women out there that gullible to fall for this stuff? I mean, come ON...ou'

And the part that really scares me is that guys will read this, to get clues how to act. Funny... I'm not all that great a catch, but something tells me that I would probably blow a "Cosmo Girl's" mind in a relationship. and I'm willing to bet there are a few others that would, too (Cranky Prof's hubby leaps to mind).

Guys... want to "win the girl"? Try being an honest human being. Girls... same advice to you. Makes for much better relationships...

14 July 2008

And manning the aft/starboard guns...

Isn't life just a funny thing?

Don't want to say too much, and jinx things. But there have been several offers for additional crew aboard the Privateer, despite the fact Spoon and I weren't really looking all that seriously.

I'm sure there will be more to report on this in the somewhat near future!

10 July 2008

Expanding on the column thing...

Ok... my column isn't "about" anything in particular. It's just my random observations as we go along. For some reason, the publisher likes how I write...

I was thinking of "Musings from the Open Road", for multiple reasons. First off, I write a LOT of the pieces while away from home (hence "from the Open Road"). Second, they ARE random thoughts ("Musings"). Third, I got my name because of all the instruments I play (which ties back into "muse")...

So... make sense? Or do y'all think I'm nuts?

Wait... that's a given. Is the idea nuts?

09 July 2008

Need y'all's help...

Ok... so part of my job at the magazine is writing a column. The last two issues (June & July) haven't had any kind of title, other than the actual piece. So... I need to come up with a name for the silly thing.

That's where I need input.

I was thinking of "Musings from the Road", or something like that. But I'm just not sure. So why don't the three of you see what you can come up with? ;)

07 July 2008

And life just keeps getting better...

Just got off the phone with one of my adoptees: seems another of said adoptees got in a bike wreck saturday, totaling his Harley. I found out tonight, in an email.

Ye gawds, what the hell is next? If y'all need me, I'll be chacking the horizon for the locusts!

06 July 2008

Hooray! The weekend's over!

Well, made it through another 4th of July weekend with my sanity intact... somehow.

Was supposed to be grabbing a couple people from Illinois (my new lil' sis Fluke, and my boss' new girl Yvette) to bring up here in Thursday. Since I HATE day-tripping to Illinois, I thought "Cool! There's this new friend that wants to meet and spend time with me, I'll crash by her". Plans were made...

Then canceled. Another friend of hers needed her for an emergency. So I ended up crashing at Squeaker's.

Maybe not the best choice on the planet. But it beat sleeping on the bike in the rain.

Got up at 03:30 on Thursday, and taking her to work. Spent LOADS of time tooling around northern Illinois, until Yvette finally called to say she was done with work: at 2130...

I didn't get to bed until 0530 on Friday. Then had all the fun of the 4th to look forward to!

Lessons learned: have multiple options for crash space. Don't offer to give rides from Chicago (I HATE that town!). And, if you're likely to be up for over 24 hours, with lots of riding, take a nap at some point in there!