28 September 2007

Update on Red...

... this time, from the man himself!

To all of my loving brothers and sisters throughout the greatest motorcycle group in the world;
I want to thank everyone for the great support, prayers and love shown to myself, my family and my chapter, the last couple of weeks. Your showing of strong love and prayer convinced the man upstairs to send me back so I can continue to help our children. I want to thank each and everyone of you for your support.
I'm in a lot pain but getting better everyday. I am scheduled for an amputation on the right leg, this Tuesday, at or about the knee. I'm Okay with this and believe I'll have a great recovery. I'm in a private room, with a laptop (or I couldn't be doing this), so you can email me anytime if you like. I'll be in the O.R. tomorrow and Sunday for a quick procedure on my leg.
The police are doing a good job on their investigation, but say we have a "slim to none" chance at catching the jerk that hit me and took off. At this point-in-time I really don't care; I just want heal and get on with my life.
Looking up at the clock I see it's taken 2 hours to right this much and I'm extremely exhausted and sore now. I love you all and thank you for the love and support!!

I'll be dropping him a line tonight. If he's willing, I'll post his email for well-wishes.


skywriter said...

Just know there's a lot of folks praying for you. You've left a comment on my blog before, and I drop and and visit you when I can. My brother, who I was adopted with, a former submariner, was very badly hurt on his bike two years ago. He kept his leg, but it may still depart, several surgeries have not provided relief, from the pain and the lack of circulation in it.

I'll be thinking about you and hoping for the best.


skywriter said...

I guess I forgot to add. . . please pass that on to him.

Appreciate it.


Kate said...

Please give him my well-wishes, too.