04 May 2011

Words fail

Cue red tint on your computer moniter when you read this.

Back from the homicidal rage? Ok.

For those who didn't mash the link: couple has house searched in connection with a burglary. In the house, the police find two children: a month old baby boy "in good condition", and a girl of 5 or 6 locked in a crib and so malnourished she was attempting to eat her own skin. AND, (if that wasn't enough), authorities found the remains of another child buried on the premises.


And the money quote, for me:

"He was really a nice guy," Brian Gore's ex-girlfriend, Sandy, told WTKR 3 News in Norfolk. "He went to church and everything."

They go to church, so they MUST be good folks.

People, some of the WORST things I've seen have been done by people with more religious artwork on their walls that your average church.

Y'all will excuse me, I have to go hit something now. Like my head against the wall


MANY years ago, my father told me a story about my grandmother. She was a full blood Apache woman, who had a bit of an attitude.

Story goes, that a door to door salesman interrupted her favorite gameshow. She politely excused herself from the door, went to the kitchen, snagged a tool, and chased the guy down the street brandishing her meat cleaver over her 4' nothing frame.

Why do I bring this up?

Well, it's been time to replace the "longboat" of the HMS Privateer. I WAS going to pick up a sidecar equipped Goldwing from a brother out of state, but I found something else instead.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, I'd like to introduce you to Eva, my new scoot:

'91 Sportster 1200, with a bit less than 15K on the odometer...

She's going to be getting some cosmetic work done on her: a face-lift, so to speak. Pics will come when she's all finished.

Why "Eva"? Because she's small (Sporties are the smallest of the HD line), but has guts WAY beyond her size. Seems fitting she should be named after my slightly psychotic grandma...

Back aboard

Ok... someone (again) reminded me that I've got this thing. Working on making regular posts again...