12 July 2007

Via ERMonkeygirl...

... we get this gem. Some choice bits:

"LONDON (AP) - Oscar Pistorius believes he has the talent to compete against the best Olympic-level runners in the world.

Pistorius, a double-amputee who races on carbon fiber blades attached below his knees, will get his chance this weekend when he runs in a world-class able-bodied race for the first time."

Stop and think about this: he's a double amputee, with prosthetyics instead of lower legs. And he's running against Olympic level athletes. My only question is, how does he move so fast with such large brass cojones?

"He began running four years ago to treat a rugby injury, and nine months later won the 200 meters at the Paralympic Games in Athens, Greece."

To add to the size of da balls here, the man was playing rugby. Without lower legs.

"His personal best in the 400 is 46.56 seconds and he hopes to race under 46 on Sunday. In five years from now, Pistorius wants to be running sub-45.

Wariner has the fastest 400 time this year of 44.02 seconds, and Steffenson's best time in 2007 is 45.07. Michael Johnson holds the world record of 43.18."

And the dude is only 4 seconds behind the world record for the quarter mile. DAYUM! (My best was 51.somethingerother, as a split during a mile relay)

Now, there's some debate as to wether the "blades" he runs on give him an "unfair advantage". To which he replies:

""If they ever could find evidence, then I would stop running. It's not something I would want to compete at if I knew I had an unfair advantage."

Wow. Just... wow...

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