07 July 2007

Another Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

Bedlamite sent me this link.

What precisely the FUCK is wrong with our society, that teenagers would even THINK of doing something like this?

I remember being that age. Yeah, we raised a little Hell, occassionally putting a brick under it for good measure. But gang raping a woman, and forcing her son to take part, just goes beyond the pale...

Some may disagree, but this is a case where the death penalty needs to be used. Not for retribution, but for society's sake. You don't pet a rabid dog, you don't attempt to rehabilitate it: you shoot it, ending it's misery and protecting the public at large...


Squeaky Wheel said...

I've often heard that the case with most incarcerated criminals is that murders, thefts, and other things of that nature are treated like "whatever" between criminals...but that child molesters and abusers are often beaten and tortured by their "fellow" convicts, because even to others with a skewed moral compass, hurting a child makes you undeserving of any sort of break at all.

So. My solution: instead of juvenile hall or solitary confinement, put them in a maximum security prison with the "adult" violent criminals, and have the guards look the other way (unless someone tries to escape). Things will work themselves out.

I honestly don't know what would compel anyone to do this sort of thing.

It's Me... Maven said...

And yet, when folks refer to criminals such as that as ANIMALS, there's something wrong with us.

Much in the way that our prison/penal system needs to be rehabilitated, so too does our welfare housing system, too.

What could compel anyone to do this sort of thing? Hatred or extreme mental defect.