21 June 2007


Via Angela: the website of an admitted pedophile, who tries to justify "childlove".

Don't get me wrong here: I'm ALL about Freedom of Speech. But there are some things that just step WAY over the line. This type of thing tops that list.


Sevesteen said...

Part of the little bit I read said don't abuse or have a sexual relationship with children. I didn't care to dig deep enough to see if they justify exceptions. If the theme remains "how to live with your feelings without harming children" I can accept that, and I won't blame them for feelings. If it turns into "how to act on your feelings without getting caught" or somesuch that's entirely different. I won't say that the words should be taken down by the government, but I also won't say that they should be protected from private action.

Mr. Fixit said...

That is just wrong.
Freedom of expression is a tough call.

mr Fixit