10 June 2007

Da Girls

Occurs to me that, in the "facts about me" meme, I left out one little tidbit about my "faire wife", Squeeker: she was in a house fire at 15, and has had a trach tube pretty much since. Well, Friday she had her preliminary surgery to have it removed: the reconstruction of her trachea itself. She's doing fine (although she isn't supposed to talk, which is driving her nuts: Spoon threatened to use a ball gag on her if she doesn't keep quiet). Assuming everything goes well, in 6 months or so she'll have the trach removed and sealed up.

In somewhat more minor news, Spoon got a treat today: some guy let her take his trike for a spin. Now, she has wanted a trike for longer than I've known her, but never even got a ride on one. Saw this one at a local watering hole, stopped in to ask about it, and the guy took her out, letting her drive for about 4 blocks. I haven't seen a grin like this on her since she got to shoot full-auto. 'Course, now I have to find her a trike...

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