14 June 2007

Umm... He-lloooo? Mc Fly?!?!?

The ever-weird Bedlamite sent me this lil bit, and I felt the need to post it here for y'all.

Sad part is, this guy is probably full of righteous indignation, not realizing he's part of the problem he's complaining about...

I distinctly remember the HOG rally in Manitowoc: I sat at the local tattoo shop, watching the folks go by: "middle management, middle management, upper management, middle management... oh, hey! A real biker!!!".

I've got a friend out west who's been in the "biker world" for ages. He tells me that many "old school" types are disgusted with Harley. Not because of the folks you see riding 'em nowadays, but because some of the shops act like they're so much better than you (he's even been asked to not come in to some shops, as he "ruins their reputation").

I wonder what's gonna happen when being a biker isn't the "in thing" any more?

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