16 January 2009

Thursday at National

Well, as seems to be a tradition, my first day of National starts with insomnia: could NOT get to sleep last night. About the only thing a room does for me my first night down is give me a place to leave my stuff. This year, arriving an extra day early, means most of the people that would normally be up to visit with are (sensibly) asleep. Oh, well…

I’m gonna handle each day as a live blog: I’ll write it as I go, and post it all later. Should be… interesting…


Day started out ok: mainly just hanging out, surfing the net, and BSing with my brothers and sisters as they arrived. Oh… and freezing my nether regions every time I wanted a smoke (couldn’t smoke in the hotel). And, as is usual, helping out where I could.: I can only sit around so long, before I have GOT to try and help with things.

And I DID have loads of fun. Of course, that meant I also got a total (as of somewhere around 1am fri) of three hours sleep since Monday…


More later. And I’m not sure if I’ll be able to provide pics: frelling camera died… 

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