28 January 2009

Something for those with young ladies in their lives...

My friend Peter posted this today, and it reminded me of something...

Not going into who wrote the following: that information isn't needed. I had this person write out her story, for me to share with others.

If you have younger women connected to you, especially if they have that whole "I'm immortal" thing going on, have them read this. I've edited it only for layout: the words are all hers:


At the end of eighth-grade, when I was thirteen; I was walking home from school. When I was ten houses down the street from my house, there were two or three guys outside talking. They stared at me from the moment I turned the corner and started waslking down Prospect.

When I got a little closer, they started talking to me and I don't really remember what happened after that but somehow I ended up in one of the bedrooms on the second floor of the house they were in front of. I was raped in that house by two boys at the same time. The first person I told was my best friend, she called me a whore for what happened to me.

After that I did not tell anyone until I met with Strings from BACA in 2006. I didn't tell anyone because I was afraid of what they would call me after hearing those words come out of my best friend.

Today, ten years later, it still affects me. Every relationship that I have been in, I always think that they are using me for sex and then will leave me; thinking that about everyone who truly loves me has made me push them away. I feel like I am not worth anything to anyone but for sex.


Folks, let your daughters/grand daughters/whathaveyou read through this. It's STILL a problem for her, even after all these years. These are wounds that do NOT go away, and can come back and ruin life decades later.

"No child should live in fear". Unfortunately, many do. The first step in keeping that from happening is educating them...

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