19 December 2008

Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot?

From Better and Better, we hear about a woman in PA who is being charged with animal cruelty.

What did she do? She's (if I understand correctly) giving kitten piercings, and marketing them as "goth kittys"...

Ok, I'll agree that popping a ring in a kitten's ear isn't the most "humane" idea anybody's ever thought up. But it's worse than a parent doing the same to their 1 year old daughter... how?

More to the point: if we can go after this woman, for something so frelling minor, how can we explain all the ones that slip through the cracks?


If you've been reading this blog for any length of time, you know that I'm VERY active in the fight against child abuse. A case was brought to my attention in nearby Appleton. Several children, raised by parents that social services describe as "hopeless". And yet, as dysfunctional as this family is, the children are left in the care of the "hopeless" parents.


So... let me make sure I understand things. We'll knowingly leave children in a living situation that basically guarantees more dysfunctional lives, but we'll "rescue" kittens from someone doing the exact same thing many parents do without repercussion?

Sorry folks, but I am at a complete loss...


Sabra said...

It's easier. Kittens are cute and cuddly. Children are too, but it hurts to see pictures of abused children. So we hide from it and go after something easier.

Surely if we ignore child abuse, it will go away? That seems to be the mentality, anyway.

On a slightly lesser note, as I've just commented over at Matt's blog, I have three daughters whose ears are not pierced. It's a cultural thing here--more and more baby boys are popping up with a pierced ear, even--and I'd fully intended to pierce my girls' ears shortly after birth, as mine were.

And then I held my eldest daughter for her two month shots. And decided I wasn't piercing her ears. It was hard enough to cause her such pain for something necessary. I could NOT do it for vanity's sake.

Strings said...

Kinda twisted story about piercing ears...

I got my first piercing at a mall when I was 16. Now at the time, I dressed as a typical punk. So... I get to the counter, and there's this lil' girl in line behind me. And i realize I can SERIOUSLY mess with the whole thing...

I swagger up, acting all "tough-guy". They mark my ear, put the gun up to my head, and pull the trigger.

And I let out a head-splitting scream.

I grab my ear, start crying, and walk away from the kiosk with a limp. The look on the child's face was priceless: I don't think she EVER got her ears done... >:)

Ambulance Driver said...

The Ex Missus and the ex MIL wanted to get Katy's ears pierced when she was just a sprout.

I told them both, "We won't be mutilating my daughter for anyone else's idea of what looks cute."

They both knew better than to buck me on it. They backed off, and the only thing they asked was, "When can she have her ears pierced?"

I told them, "When she's old enough to come to me herself and ask to have it done, and make me believe it wasn't an idea planted in her head by either one of you."

That was five years ago. Still no piercings.