18 December 2008


So... today we FINALLY got intrawebs access at our new berthing. This has been something of am irritation to us: we'd occasionally catch the public access wifi, but it was spotty at best, and only worked with my ladpot. We HAD scheduled an install, which we had to cancel to pick up 2 new cars (yes: both Spoon & I had to replace our vehicles at the same time. Talk about suckage).

So... plans were made, money set aside, and we were told the installer would be here "between 10am and noon". Guy called us at 0955, and was the most awesome installer I've ever seen: made sure we had signal, helped set up to make sure the net worked, even advised against the "self install pack" because it adds needless software to your machine. Finally got out of here at 1210 or so.

Which was good: my chapter VP was getting access installed today too, and called me for help. Now, keep in mind that this is the same company here. At her berthing, the guy made sure the cable had signal, handed her the modem and self install pack, and told her "follow the instructions" and left. The modem he handed her had the wrong transformer, and she had ZERO idea how to set the damn thing up anyway.

Two employees, from the same company. But WOW, what a difference in attitude!

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