11 December 2008

My post about lies: to an audience of one.

I'd like to make something of an apology to one of my readers. My post about lies, while absolutely true, could be seen as a bit harsh given the surrounding circumstances. and I figured that posting this might help the situation.

If you didn't feel slighted by that post, you might want to skip the rest of this one. Not that I mind who reads it, but it's intended audience is one person.


You didn't lie, but you also didn't communicate. Hopefully, I've set things as right as I can now: we won't be having any misunderstandings.

I DO stand by that letter, and what we talked about after you read it. And I DO wish you nothing but the best. Feel free to call if you want, or need me for anything. In the meantime, I'll not pester you.

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