07 December 2008

There are some things I can't stand...

Everyone has a pet peeve: something that drives them absolutely wild. For me, probably THE biggest issue is lying.

Now, I understand some lies: we all lie to the cops, and suchlike. But to needlessly lie to someone you're close to... that's the epitome of low, and shows a complete lack of regard for the person being lied to.

Any relationship, from the barest of friendships to lovers, requires trust: you have GOT to trust that whoever's in the relationship with you will be honest. When that trust gets violated, it's problematic at best. Yes, there are times when the whole truth isn't a good idea: we've all been there. But usually the truth is better. And a needless lie, for the sole sake of not "being the bad guy"? Nope... doesn't pass muster.

I've been having... problems, lately. It's made my posting sporadic and depressing. That will be changing, from now. Not to say everything will be sunlight and roses, but the personal issues have pretty much solved themselves.

I'm sure some here have some clue what I'm talking about, specifically. I ask them to not say anything, in comments or email. Suffice it to say that I got hurt, and now I'm getting better. 'Nuf said.

Give me a day or two, and we'll get back to regular posting (I promise).

On a side note: maybe against my better judgement, I've given Spoon (my "first mate") access to post here. Not sure how often she will, but I figured "What the Hell". When she posts, please be gentle... ;)

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