15 December 2008

On self defense

Jay G connects two posts by other bloggers: go forth and read. If you're interested in self defense (whether armed or not), this is all relevant.

The first post (by the illustrious Law Dog), is about the equipment issue. Unfortunately, far too many people look at everything as an "equipment problem", when far more often it's a training or mindset problem. Personally, I follow the Marine concept: "Be polite. Be civil. And have a plan to kill anyone you meet"*.

The second post, by Breda, talks more about mindset. And as Jay points out, 99 times out of 100, just projecting that you will NOT accept incivility will work. For that one time though, you'd better have the training and mindset to back up your projection...

Yes, when you first meet me, I'm detailing in my mind how to remove you from existence as quickly as possible should the need arise...

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