08 June 2008

Sorry for the light posting

Hey folks, sorry for the extreme lack of posts. Things have been… interesting… here aboard the Privateer. We’re looking at new berthing, possibly some new crew, and maybe even a new voyage (we HAVE been at this dock for a long time).

For those who don’t get the nautical references: we may be moving to new digs soon, some people may be leaving our lives, others may be coming in, and new developments are opening new avenues to explore in our lives.

One of the new things is the new banner link: that’s where I now work, both as advertising sales and as writer (several pieces already published). It’ll either work out as the greatest job possible for me, or it’ll crash & burn spectacularly. Only time will tell.

Keep checking back (both of you): there will be more content here. Right now, things are very fluid, and difficult for me to write about. As they solidify, I’ll let y’all know.


DW said...

Drive on brother, we'll be listening, and wishing you well.

Kate said...

Nautical references are quite appropriate considering the states both of us are living in.

Keep us informed when you get a chance, okay?