11 June 2008

Sunday School

First off, thanks to everyone for their good wishes: I was half expecting to be telling a bunch of people where to go. I'm doing fine: a bit confused, but fine. Putting things down here has helped.

Now, let's get back to fun for a bit!


Spoon suggested y’all might find this lil’ story interesting. See, I haven’t ALWAYS been pagan: used to be a Christian. Went to Sunday School ‘n’ everything. But I always had an… odd… reaction to things I was taught. Like the day we learned about Adam & Eve.

The teacher spent a LOOONG time explaining the story to us, in words that your average five-year-old could understand. Afterwards, she asked us if we understood what the story meant.

Me, being of a somewhat literal mind (but still eager to please), raised my hand to answer the question. Now, I know she wanted something about avoiding temptation, and resisting the Devil, an’ all that jazz. But like I said, I was very literal minded.

She looked at me (granted, with some trepidation), and said “Strings? What does the story teach you?”. And I responded, with all the dignity a five-year-old can muster:

“Never accept an apple from a naked lady!”

To this day, no matter how beautiful she is or how much I love the lady in question, I will NOT accept an apple offered by a naked woman. Guess the lesson stuck, huh?