23 June 2008

Just realized

That I never mentioned another lil' earth-shaker that happened recently.

My beloved Hondapotomus, in a pique of discontent at not having it's rear tire changed in a timely manner, decided to teach me a life lesson while traveling at 75 miles per hour.

Yes folks: you understood that right: I had a rear blow-out at 75mph. I honestly attribute my still being present to someone watching over my heathen ass.

I'm fine. The bike's mostly fine (still have to tweak the wiring a bit). But there was a Hell of an epiphany that day (story will be in the July issue of Freedom Roads)...


Mr. Fixit said...

was there a brown stain leading up to the bike?
Glad your OK.

Mr Fixit

Hammer said...

I've always wondered why motorcycle tires were so expensive.

Now I know.

Glad you are ok.

DW said...

I guess the dirt cushioned you fairly well.

Saw a bike that went down on the interstate, lost the chain, actually the rider knew exactly where the chain was because it wrapped around the swing arm and stopped the tire. The bike started down and the rider just climbed on top of it and road it down the concrete. Wildest looking exhaust you will ever see, on one side....

Kate said...

I"m glad you're okay!

Anonymous said...

I've had that experiance myself.
Discovered Michelin M-45's.
They have such a stiff sidewall that the Bike just settles down onto the tire and you can slow down in a controlled fashion.
Not sure if these are still available But just thought I'd share.

Anonymous said...

The Michelins may have been M-38's.


Larry said...

That's why I haven't pulled mine out yet this year, the back tire is down to cords.
Well, that and the whole lack of time thing.
Glad you managed to keep the shiny side mostly up.