18 May 2008

Arm and train them!

Interesting lil' discussion going on in the comments on Marko's latest.

Not going into the whole argument of "gay marriage" here right now: maybe in the next day or two. However, one person made a comment that needs to be addressed:

William the Coroner Says:

The only problem I see with the whole ‘incest’ thing is the power differential based on age. Several pervs have claimed that father-daughter incest is acceptable (usually the guy, of course), when the situation started before the age of consent and continued.

How to adequately protect the folks in society that need protection without crossing the line is a problem I do not know how to adequately answer.

To which there's a reply:

MarkHB Says:


Teach ‘em and arm ‘em. Did I miss something?

See, this doesn't work.

If you've been reading me for any length of time, you've heard mention of a case from WAY out of my normal TO, which involved a lady who had been abused by her father since she was 4 (she's 20 now). The father was even continuing the abuse while the girl was away at college: he'd pick her up on a friday, and take her to a hotel room (we will NOT go into some of the allegations: some who read me have feelings). This girl had been taught basically from the time she could form rational thought that what was happening to her was fine, that her father's actions were normal.

What good would "arming and training" her have done?

Those of us who are armed have to recognize one major component of the self defense issue: mindset. Giving a weapon and training to a person who is going to be unwilling to use it, does no good. In the "incest" situation outlined above, this would be the case: the girl would have no inclination (unless removed from the situation and given MASSIVE counseling) to use force against her abuser, as she sees her abuser's actions as acceptable.

Which, of course, leaves the question of how DO we protect the vulnerable members of our society adequately? Unfortunately, I don't have an ultimate answer, and must continue using stop-gap measures...

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william the Coroner said...


One case of which I'm aware was from NYC, where the guy abused his daughters until adulthood. That's the problem. I'm of a libertarian bent. Consenting adults can do whatever it pleases them, as long as it doesn't harm someone else.

For polygamy and other relationships--how do you protect the young. It's the reason stat rape gets used in my state, not against a 15 yo girl and her 17 yo boyfriend, but a 14 yo girl and her 30 year old "boyfriend." The first is age-approprate, the second is not.