06 February 2008

For the interested...

Some of you may have found the BACA Nation internet radio show, linked off the National website.

Well... they've taken a step forward: now they're on actual airwaves. Go to the BACA Nation website for more info (or you can click to stream it).

It's my understanding that, right now, they're primarily covering the western US...


I'd like to appologize for the light posting: just too much stuff dragging me down.

I got the awesome job, but we're on hold. I'll be selling ad space in a new biker mag in the WI/Northern IL area (and doing a lil' writing). But there's been several holdups. Meaning I can't actually START work... :(

BACA stuff has taken up a LOT of time. We've patched a new member (y'all feel free to say "hi" to Scary in the comments: I'll forward), worked through a bunch of problems, and identified a bunch more...


Speaking of BACA stuff: we're going to have some houseguests here at the HMS Privateer.

the perp of one of the girls we've been working with is getting his day in court: her testimony is taped, but she has to be available for cross examination. We'll be there: not just my chapter, but folks from all over. Our girl is going to KNOW there are folks behind her!

I'll let everyone know how that turns out.


'Bout all for now. SHOULD have AD's present in the mail in the next day or so: hopefully he'll send pics, and y'all can see the "price" of not posting regularly... >:)

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