14 February 2008

Another bit of child-molestation

Found via BMEWS

Arkansas Day Care Teacher Charged With Raping Girl, 4, After Incident Caught on Tape

The meat of the story:

Cesar Monarrez, 18, was a part-time employee at the Royal Children's Academy and had worked there for about three or four months. According to an arrest warrant, the alleged victim told authorities on Feb. 5 how Monarrez had touched her inappropriately.

The girl told police her privates were burning because "Bubba" touched her with a knife inside his pocket, 4029tv.com reports. Police identified Bubba as Monarrez, and investigators said video shows him pushing his hands beneath the girl's waistband while she was asleep.

Ok, hold on: we have a teenage boy working in a daycare? With (basically) unsupervised access to the kids? WTF?

Excuse me while my head explodes.


Jay G said...

Y'know, I've never heard of manual drawing and quartering, but I'd damn sure be willing to try...

Hammer said...

Even the fanciest daycares are risky. It actually pays less than fast food so they get the dregs working there.

CrankyProf said...

What the everliving FUCK?!?

I'm nauseous.