25 February 2008

Politics, Liberty, and Safety

"Poly", meaning "many"
and "Tic", meaning "small blood-sucking creature"

So... we're down to a choice between McCain and Hilbama*. Oh, hooray.

I can be raped by a 12 foot pole, or... raped by a 12 foot pole with lube.

Nice choice.

Loads of MUCH better writers are weighing in one the "big choice" we have coming in November. Some are saying "Vote for the lesser evil", some are saying "we're getting the shaft either way".

I fall into the latter category. And I have some VERY good company.

Both sides want me to trade my Liberty for perceived safety. I think Ole Ben had the right idea there: "Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."

"Liberty" and "Safety" can easily be seen as mutually exclusive concepts. "Liberty" (or, better, "Freedom") only truly exists where you can enter into potentially dangerous situations. In order to be "Safe", you MUST give up basic freedoms: most of the bill of rights is full of "dangerous" things. And the tyrants always tells us that, by sacrificing these freedoms, we'll be "safer".

I don't know about those reading this blog. Me? I prefer to have my guns, be able to say whatever the hell I want, ride my motorcycle naked, and accept the danger my freedom brings me. I don't ask for the government to take care of me should my choices cause me problems, and in return all I ask is to be left alone to live my life as I see fit.

Apparently, that is actually too much to ask.

* I'm not being "snarky" here. At this point, either Hillary or Obama could win the Socialism Left candidacy

When I voted the other day in the primary, I voted for Fred. Yes, he had already left the race. I don't care: he at least came close to representing what I believe.

In November, I'm not sure how I'll vote: might just write Fred in again. I will NOT, however, vote for "Socialism Left" nor "Socialism Right". Yes, I know the rhetoric: "If you don't vote for the Republicans, the evil Democrats will take your guns!".

Wow... some REALLY poor observers we have out there.

In the 2000 election circus, the Dems had a commercial. Don't know who the yahoo on the screen was, but his comment was telling: "If George W Bush wins the election, the NRA will have an office in the White House". Didn't really help the Dem bid for the Presidency.

But LOTS of people missed the real importance. G W Bush DID win the election. And what was that office used for? Ordering pizza?

Either side wants my vote, they need to offer something more than lip service. Something more than flirting. I need to be "courted" in a somewhat tangible way.

Start returning my freedoms. Then, maybe, we'll talk.

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Sevesteen said...

How I vote in November will depend on quite a few things. If Ohio isn't going to be a deciding state, it is easy--I'm voting third party.

If Ohio is likely to make the difference between Obillary and McCain, it will be harder for me. I get raped either way, but the Obillary pole is not only lube deficient, it is used and has splinters. If it were just a little worse, I might grit my teeth and bear it, but this isn't a minor difference.j