05 July 2009

Seeing Red

Ok... sometimes, in the course of life, something comes along that makes one see red. Having that issue right now.

SMP over at The Ultimate Evil got an email from a supposed pedophile. I'm gonna post it here, for the world to see.


ILoveLGLB said...

Dear SMP - Your site is very informative and thorough. You have done your research. My favorites are the blogs about symbols and the car decals. I say my favorites because I laughed until my stomach hurt. You are asking yourself why. Because dearheart you think people care and pay that much attention. Because dearheart you think you and the antis can really stop us. Because dearheart you think parents really pay that much attention and society gives a hoot about your so called awareness. We both know you're right. What do you do when no one cares, though? Do names of children on cars help me find my next little friend? Names on cars help me put a name to the child I photograph and masturbate to for weeks to cum. Names and school stickers and sports decals help me to find that child again for newer photographs. Who knows? If the fantasy becomes a favorite, I may decide to make the encounter real, and because mom and dad gave me all the information I need to find Jenny or Johnny, I know that if I want to make fantasy become reality, it will be easy as pie. I know I won't have to try hard like I might with the other kids I photograph. I keep these kids in a special folder marked "someday." Grooming you and your friends talk about is the next step but you don't mention that it's the most entertaining. We are masters at the game and when we win it makes the lovemaking with our new little lover sweeter. Where did you find the information on the symbols? I am impressed at how thorough you were but you didn't mention that we have our symbols in places people use every day. We do not adhere strictly to the shapes you posted. We can modify them slightly and still recognize other girl and boy lovers. I am sure you have seen the new necklace designed by Jane Seymour. You probably have a pendant of your own. The ladies like them. So do little girls and little girl lovers. When asked about mine and why I wear a bit of woman's jewelry, I say it is a reminder of my dead wife and child. Don't you know, people don't like talking to widowers because it is a sore subject. They would rather change the subject fast, and so I escape further prying into my necklace that signals other girl lovers that I am a GL. For my BL attraction, I don the wiccan triple knot. I know too of GLs who use the Roxy surfer girl heart logo and BLs who use the pagan vaulknot. These are both variations of the GL heart logo and the BL triangle logo but the public will never know the difference. See dearheart you and your firends will never make a difference. We are everwhere. We use everything. For every one child you claim to "save" we add another 100 to our list. You should join Peta where your work will have more value. People care about abused animals. They don't care abut abused kids. Haven't you figured that out by now? If people cared you would hear about it on the news and in movies. You would see it in papers. You would hear it on the radio. Your biker friends don't do any good with their little show that only a few people listen to. Your Absolute zero friends only piss and moan, maybe take credit for some pedophiles they expose but they are only thinning out the herd. If they are a weak link, they deserve to be caught. It exposes those among us who cannot be trusted and depended on. Antis make it so easy for us. Society makes it even easier. The more you antis cry about sex with minors, the quicker society turns away from you. Nobody wants to hear that shit. They want to know about celebrity gossip and the ozone layer and how Obama is going to save us from our own stupidity. You posted about Obama's choice for deputy attorney general. That didn't tell you t hat you are in a losing battle? Our own president doesn't see anything wrong with child love. He picked our defender to control the rules you antis want enforced to cram your morals down peoples throats because he knows you're ignorant and behind the times. People are coming to our side by the thousands. People make fun of Chris Hansen and his catch a predator series because sex with children is acceptibale and idiots like Hansen and you are thinking in the past. Everybody wishes they could have expereinced love the way we give it to children. Admit it. You fantasize about being a virgin again. All women do. It's in all of the romance novels. You fantacize about being a virgin and being taken by older, stronger men. The heroine struggles at first but when its over she loves him and is devoted to him. There are no virgins over 13 anymore, so our AOA has to go lower every year. Some do it for virginity. Others do it for the youthful body. I do it for both. If hair has begun but the body is still to my liking and it is a virgin, I help my little lover shave and encourage him or her to keep it smooth. More proof society accepts child love. Shaving the pubic area is reminiscent of pre-puberty. Men who enjoy women only when they shave are admitting to their attraction to pre-pubescent girls. Women, in kind, who prefer shaved men. All the more popular adult porn movies feature clean shaven stars. They shave their pubic area, their legs, their chests, their rear ends, their arms, their faces, their arm pits. They have no hair to speak of other than that on their head. This is pre-puberty and this is what people crave. I bet you are shaved and your husband prefers that. You are such a hypocrit. Your man wants a child in his bed and you give that to him. All you antis are child lovers who haven't admitted it yet but you will. When you do and you act on it, please take pictures. You know where to find us. We'll be waiting because we will never go away. Society won't make us go away and there is nothing you can ever do to stop us.


First off, the author is right on some things. most people DON'T want to know about this problem: it doesn't fit into their concept of life being just swell all the time. Folks go to extreme lengths to avoid knowledge of how vile things can get, and shun those of us trying to force their eyes open.

But I'll deal with that. I have no problem accepting the revulsion people feel when they ask a question about child abuse, and I answer them. I smile with pride when someone asks me, full of incredulity, "How do you DEAL with this stuff?". And I'll hold my head high, when someone like this slime states "Your efforts are wasted".

A wise man once said that all that is necessary for Evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing. Now, I wouldn't exactly call myself a "good" man: like the Captain in Firefly, I'm only "ok". But I will, whatever it takes, be there for my little brothers and sisters when they're in need. And I won't quit fighting until five minutes after the first shovelful of dirt hits my casket. And on that day, my place will be taken by another (or three), because we are the plague on those who would abuse children

Just in case there's a ped that catches this, here's a warning: you may get away with your crimes. You may even make some people believe your lies that you only want what's best for children. But one day, I or someone like me will be there behind you. You may not see us, may not hear us. We may wear the colors of BACA, or a suit, or bell bottoms and a tie-dye shirt. We'll know what you are, we'll find the opportunity... and you'll never hurt another child again.

To anyone who reads this, who has a blog: please spread the message. Don't be one of the "good men who does nothing". Our greatest weapon against child abuse is knowledge in the hands of parents...


Sues said...

Thanks for posting this Strings!!

SMP said...

Thank you for the re-post! This mentality needs to be exposed because yes, too many people do NOTHING. Those people need to see just how much power they are giving child abusers, and just how accountable THEY, themselves, are every time a child is abused.

Ambulance Driver said...

An unrepentant pedophile.

You know, the recidivism rate for pedophiles shot in the head is zero.

I'm just sayin'...

Jay G said...

Five minutes.

That's all I ask.

Five minutes.

Nothing else need be said.

Five minutes.


Five minutes.