01 July 2009

New content: "Humpday Hardware"

Ok... I had promised 2 things that I haven't delivered yet. First was a bigger version of the "size matters" pic, second was more posts about the hardware aboard the Privateer.

So I'm doing both at once: ladies and gentlemen, I give you "Humpday Hardware":

That's a TDE .44 Automag (one of the prizes of the Privateer's arms locker), and a Seecamp LWS 32 (about the smallest thing in the locker).


I had always had a lust for an Automag: I think anyone growing up reading Mack Bolan does. Happened upon this one at a local gunshow, for FAR less than I was seeing them on Guns America. Spoon looked at it (and the price), looked at me, and said "You'll be kicking yourself if you don't". And folks wonder WHY I married her? ;)

This was a gun made primarily for hunting: it's simply way too big to carry (although I've got a holster for it, and it came with a shoulder rig). Throws a 240gr @ 1250fps (and they weren't joking: won't cycle right at 1249 or less). The designer, Harry Sanford, had commented on folks hotloading his pistol "If you want a rifle, buy a rifle". Hotloads pushed through 'Mags resulted in many hitting the scrap bins.

Unfortunately, the 'Mag never really caught on. Which is really a shame: there were plans in the works for a .45acp version (which is mentioned in the sales flier that came with mine).

One day, I'll manage to get a couple more magazines for it. Then, I get to show the IPSC boys what "major" REALLY means (power factor on the .44AMP is 300)...


The Seecamp is just a neat lil' pistol, although no fun at all to shoot. I think I've put a total of 2 mags through it. It's meant to be an absolute last ditch "fat is all the way in the fire" tool, a job at which it excels. Thing will disappear ANYWHERE: pocket, waistband, sporran, Spoon's bra...

Picked this one up simply as a neat backup and "go anywhere" gun. Had a bit of a fight over it with Spoon, actually: she wanted to keep it as hers...

Now, folks talk about different companies and their level of customer service. Seecamp takes it right out to the limit: you can go peruse the Seecamp Forums, and find the answer to almost any problem with these lil' gems. If you can't find it there, the owner has been known to post his personal number for you to call, so he can make things right. You can't get better than that!


So... that's this week's installment of "Humpday Hardware". More next week!


Hammer said...

Ever since reading my first Mack bolan book I wanted an automag. I passed one up at $1200 bucks 5 years ago and I'm still kicking myself.

Strings said...

Funny you should mention that price, hammer: that's about what I paid for mine.

Came with the original case and paperwork, a mass-load of spare parts, display case and 2 holsters. Sold the shoulder rig for $150, and a set of grips for $50, still have the rest of the spare parts.

Magazines though: last price I had quoted at me was $150 ea...

Sweetie said...

You're welcome... :)