08 July 2009

Humpday Hardware: Goin' Out

Some pieces in the Privateer arms locker are more for show or special occassions (see last week). This week, we feature a pair of workhorses...

Here are two that have been constant companions: the Colt 1991A1 chambered in (of course) .45acp, and the Cold Steel Culloden


The Colt is the gun I've had the longest of all. Picked it up a short time before meeting Spoon, when my "collection" consisted of a Walther PPK, a Ruger P-89, and an SKS. All three of which have gone the way of the Dodo.

I still remember when the Colt was new: picked it up while taking Mom to therapy after her stroke. Kinda threw her off when I loaded it up while driving (I was young: sue me). Since that day, she's had several different holsters (she's on #5, a Milt Sparks VMII). She's served as protection, and as a comp piece. Looking at the wear marks is interesting: I've done so many draws from leather with my finger indexed straight, that I've mirror-finished that side of the trigger guard.

It's had mods over the years: high-ride beavertail, new hammer, new trigger, extended ambi safety, extended slide release, extended mag release. One day, she'll be sent out to have the beavertail blended in to the frame, the slide dovetailed for new sights (thinking something like the XO Xpress), and a nice deep hotblue. But that's mostly cosmetics: as she is, she serves quite well.


The Culloden is something of an oddball: one of only 4 single-edged fixed blades in a large collection. It was purchased many years ago as, of all things, a "pocket knife". A job at which is does surprisingly well: the sheath is small, and it just disappears into a front pocket. 99% of the time, it's on me somewhere.

And the niceset thing about it? Due to the serrated blade, it has NEVER been sharpened. I've used it for pretty much every possible cutting chore you can put a knife to, and it's still just as sharp as ever. Probably one of the better investments I've made...


That's all for this week. Next week, we'll discuss more of the toys for repelling boarders...

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