08 February 2009

Recent news

I'm going to go on record and say that food poisoning sucks. Although I'm beginning to think that what's been happily kicking my ass the last few days is actually stomach flu.


Chapter news: I have one member who's cancer has returned, one who's pregnant, and I'm just EAGERLY awaiting the next development. Anyone want a BACA chapter, cheap?


My sister AJ just picked up a portable jeweler's bench. I must say, I've conceived a lust: thing is just perfect! And I THINK, with just a lil' work, it'd truely BE "portable" (needs a latching top and handles: not too difficult). Now if I can just remember where she said she got it!


I have a confession to make: my slim posting is because most of what I have to say would revolve in the Realms Political, which I want to avoid here. There's two reasons for that:

1) Current politics depress the hell out of me

2) There are other who say what I want to, only much better.

I should have something child abuse related up in the next day or so...

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Sabra said...

I thought my first pregnancy was food poisoning. Probably not your problem, though. ;) (Er, I also thought my third pregnancy was a stomach virus, but in my defense that's mainly because everyone in the family was sick at the same time.)