24 February 2009

Aww, what the hell?

So I'm tooling through the blogosphere, minding my own business, and make a (belated) stop by Don Gwinn's place.

I like Don. He's always been a good board mod. He has a cool writing style. He wears a "Jayne hat". And lately he makes it sound like Illinois is gonna get concealed carry soon.

Wait a minute... I did NOT read that right, did I?

For a LONG time, my only consolation in this Gawdsforsaken frozen waste was that our gun laws were better than Illinois. No FOID, pretty easy to get signed off on suppressors and FA. Granted, we didn't have CCW, but neither did Illinoying.

Now, I find out that there's a bit of a push on down there, to correct their CCW lack. AND, they've had civil immunity* for four years!

Don, I don't like you no more... :(

*Basically, if you're involved in a self defense use of force, and the courts rule that it was a justified use of force, the goblin (or his family, if he passed over) can't sue you for damages.


Don Gwinn said...

That's a long way from LTC (it's License to Carry down here from now on) but we're working on it.

If it makes you feel any better, the civil protection I wrote about has been in the law since 2004. I just wasn't paying attention until now!

bedlamite said...

They're also working on this

Strings said...

Yeah Don. But, at the rate we're goin' up here, y'all'll have LTC of some form LONG before we do...

We came within one vote... ONE... of getting it ourselves a few years ago. Now, unless we can drastically alter the make up of our legiscircus and oust our goobernor, we'll end up the only state that allows no "civilian" carry...