27 February 2009

Holder, Pelosi, and the AWB

Ok... so everyone knows about Eric Holder's comments regarding the new administration wanting to reinstate (and make permanent) the now-gone Assault Weapons Ban, right? So I don't have to rehash the whole story?

And y'all know that Nancy Pelosi (C, CA) made a statement about how that's not on the agenda right now? We're up to speed on that too, right?

Good... I hate having to rehash everything.

So... I'm gonna make a lil' prediction here. We WILL be seeing a reintroduction of the AWB, sometime between 8 months and a year from now. And it'll be an AWB on a combination of acid and steroids: bigger, meaner, and completely divorced from any concept of reality. I fully expect it to include wording making it illegal to touch anything from the flint-lock on up. And it'll have one other major difference from the previous ban.

This one won't be meant to pass. It's gonna be complete smoke & mirrors.

The Dems remember '94. They remember passing the previous ban, and how bad it backlashed against 'em. And they're hearing all the talk of what happened then. So I'm thinking Holder's comments were meant to start setting the stage. One of the CA folks will intro the bill (my guess would be Feinstein), and it'll be a HUGE battle. It'll be defeated, but only through the help of the newer, "pro-gun Dems". And it'll be enough of a distraction to help keep a Dem majority in both the branches of our legiscircus through the '10 elections.

The "real ban"? That'll come up immediately after the '10 elections, and will probably cruise right on through...

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