06 July 2008

Hooray! The weekend's over!

Well, made it through another 4th of July weekend with my sanity intact... somehow.

Was supposed to be grabbing a couple people from Illinois (my new lil' sis Fluke, and my boss' new girl Yvette) to bring up here in Thursday. Since I HATE day-tripping to Illinois, I thought "Cool! There's this new friend that wants to meet and spend time with me, I'll crash by her". Plans were made...

Then canceled. Another friend of hers needed her for an emergency. So I ended up crashing at Squeaker's.

Maybe not the best choice on the planet. But it beat sleeping on the bike in the rain.

Got up at 03:30 on Thursday, and taking her to work. Spent LOADS of time tooling around northern Illinois, until Yvette finally called to say she was done with work: at 2130...

I didn't get to bed until 0530 on Friday. Then had all the fun of the 4th to look forward to!

Lessons learned: have multiple options for crash space. Don't offer to give rides from Chicago (I HATE that town!). And, if you're likely to be up for over 24 hours, with lots of riding, take a nap at some point in there!

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