15 July 2008

Getting ideas from elsewhere

Was just reading over at the Pervocracy, and had to make some comments on the "Cosmo Girl" thing.

Are there REALLY women out there that gullible to fall for this stuff? I mean, come ON...ou'

And the part that really scares me is that guys will read this, to get clues how to act. Funny... I'm not all that great a catch, but something tells me that I would probably blow a "Cosmo Girl's" mind in a relationship. and I'm willing to bet there are a few others that would, too (Cranky Prof's hubby leaps to mind).

Guys... want to "win the girl"? Try being an honest human being. Girls... same advice to you. Makes for much better relationships...

1 comment:

Hammer said...

Yeah but as soon as they posted the honesty advice they'd have to shut down the magazine.

I'm always wondering how long it's going to take these rags to run out of bullcrap to publish.