03 May 2008


Stealing (again) from Marko, wondering about the idea of anonymity on the web...

I suppose "Strings" is something of a psuedonym: it certainly isn't what my mother called me at any point. But it fairly well IS who I am: anyone in BACA who knows me, knows "Strings", not "Bill". Same with most of the biker community. Heck, even the people I work with know me better as "Strings".

But there's that big question: do I post behind a psuedonym to protect myself. No... I'm not difficult to find. Besides, those who would wish me harm (most of whom are in prison right now), can fairly easily figure out how to locate me: my chapter's meetings are open to the public, and fairly well posted.

No... I'm not hiding: anyone interested, I'll give my real name. Quick word though: I don't Google all that well... ;)

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bogie said...

When people ask for you using it, it becomes your name.

When it appears on an international target shooting match official report, it _is_ your name.

And when someone says "So, is that one name thing like "Cher?" - well, you just deal with it.