05 May 2008

diving into muddy water

Now, I don't normally comment on politics. Reason being, there are LOADS of bloggers out there who do a MUCH better job of it: my voice would be a feeble echo. But this, caught via Tam, kinda raises my hackles.

In a town dealing with all kinds of corruption, they single out a disabled vet for pointing his finger. and their justification of having him arrested and facing charges?

She said the village had no choice but to take seriously Kachka's gestures during the March 13 meeting in light of recent shootings at Northern Illinois University and in St. Louis, where a disgruntled resident shot and killed several city employees during a zoning meeting.

Ok, let me get this straight: a man pointing his finger (in whatever way) is now grounds for criminal charges, because of a couple shootings? Excuse me?

Honestly, if a member of the city council here in Manitowoc were to make the same allegations, I'd expect them to receive actual incoming. and it would CERTAINLY be their last term in office!

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Hammer said...

Pretty much any bodiy movement will be percieved as a potential crime in the very near future.