10 January 2008

Gifts for certain peoples

Wow... life starts happening, and I forget to post on here. Funny how that happens.

Ok, here's the deal: I have a couple gifts to send out to two authors on my blogroll who like to leave us hanging: Law Dog and AD. They're not mean gifts, just something to remind them that they HAVE left us all hanging. Gentle, kind reminders... fluffy, even.

*I* don't have any kind of an address to send them their care packages.

So I need y'all's help.

If someone who reads this knows either of those two worthy folks in the real world, can come up with a "safe" way for me to get the packages to you ('cause i don't expect folks to trust some random guy on the 'Net), and are willing to deliver them: drop me a line. PLEASE don't make me use "other means": it would take longer, and the packages would end up at the SO and hospital...


Now, like I said: life happens. I'm still the running both my Chapter and State for BACA, keeping up with my lovely wife, and getting ready to start a cool new job (I'll post more on THAT later: don't want to jinx things). But I promise to start posting just a bit more frequently...

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