20 December 2007

Wow... ignore the intarwebz for a few days...

... and EVERYONE posts something good to read!


First off, go read the new Perspectives. Start at Lawdog, then hit Ambulance Driver, and finish off with Babs. Have a hanky handy, this one's a tear-jerker.


Ok... done crying? Time for something a lil' more light-hearted, over Boobs, Injuries, and Dr Pepper


Sorry I haven't been posting as much lately: I've taken over the position of State Rep for BACA, and that has kept me hopping. And there's a REAL cool job opportunity in the works: we'll see how it goes.


Ambulance Driver said...

Thanks for the link, Strings!

Congratulations on the new position with BACA and the job opportunity!

CrankyProf said...

W00t! W00T, I say!