11 January 2008

I know, it's late...

Blogs are about personal things, right?

And, since everyone does something fun on New Year's Eve, such makes for good material, right? They go to parties, drink too much, make promises that just never get kept, spend time with friends playing silly games... that kind of thing.


Raise your hands now: how many got to spend New Year's Eve as a member of a private security detail? For a 16 year old? In the city square of a fair-sized city?

Yep... BACA made sure we got to ring in the New Year by making sure a scumbag didn't cause any problems for one of our kids. Outside. In the cold.

Beats the Hell out of getting drunk!

At one point, I had to ask Tomboy: "How many kids here do you think have their own private security detail?". She just grinned back.

Makes it all worthwhile.

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