14 January 2008

News flash: history repeats itself. Film at 11.

Was having an interesting discussion over coffee tonight. Got to talking about great generals over the years, and a stunning revelation...

In WWII, we had awesome generals (Patton, Eisenhower, Mac Arthur, etc), who Washington left in charge of the war effort. The Germans, on the other hand, while they had some great leaders (Uncle Erwin leaps to mind), Hitler kept sticking his nose in. As we all know, the Allies won.

Hope y'all are keeping up: the side that let the generals run things without dealing with politics won.

In Korea, we still had Mac. In talking with veterans of that conflict, I have yet to hear from one that doesn't agree that Mac was a bastard... But he should have been allowed to actually fight the war. Instead Mac got fired (and we had at best a stalemate). See a pattern?

Let's step right along, to our next big encounter: Vietnam. Heck we didn't even get into the conflict before politicians messed up. And can we remember how THAT whole game played out? Yeah... We let the politicians run things...

Step forward again... Gulf War I. Schwarzkopf was doing a hell of a job, but we had what holding him up?

Class? Anyone?

Yep... Political concerns kept the job from being finished properly.

What... Did we defeat Hitler because we wanted to steal his style?

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Crucis said...

MacArthur got fired by being mouthy to his boss and THAT got him fired! Not to mention his massive ego.